The Vinyl Edger is a very user friendly sheet vinyl and linoleum tool and nearly foolproof. With a tool-less design and no moving parts, it is easily used by both right and left handed people. The blades, which are standard hook blades, are held in place by very strong magnets. The engineering is really ingenious in that, if the tool is used wrong, the blade will release, thus preventing a miscut. The tool is designed to produce a net fit, which is perfect for many of the newer adhesives on the market that will not allow for a snug pressure fit. I believe this is a perfect tool for the DIY market due to the well thought out design.

sheet vinyl tool Vinyl Edger
Linoleum Tool Vinyl Flooring Tool

sheet vinyl toolI have one suggestion for the Vinyl Edger designers: Design a method of adjustment for vinyl flooring products, such as IVC or Earthscapes that require an expansion space between the floor covering and vertical surfaces. Currently the only way to use this tool with those types of flooring products is to affix a makeshift spacer to the Vinyl Edger to allow for cutting the flooring slightly short for the required expansion space.

Vinyl Flooring ToolI also see this tool as a staple in the flooring professionals toolbox. I have found that it will not only work well on the softer residential materials, but also on some of the commercial inlaid products, such as Mannington Biospec and Armstrong Corlons. Using the Vinyl Edger with commercial flooring does take a little more finesse to keep the cutting tool in the proper position without causing the blade to release. However, with a little practice, it does produce a very clean and net fit.

Lino ToolThe Vinyl Edger is available in two sizes and I recommend owning both. The larger model provides the comfort to use for hours, while the smaller version works especially well under toekicks. It also comes in 4 colors – one is sure to suit your style sensibilities. Watch the Vinyl Edger video below this article.

One final note: I would strongly suggest the unused second blade on the larger model be removed as a safety measure as they are very sharp and may accidentally injure the user.

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