The Floor Pro Celebrates 13 Years

The Floor PRO Community Celebrates Its 13th Anniversary

Welcome To Our 13-13-13 Giveaway!

The Floor Pro Community, founded in May, 2006, provides unmatched peer support to our fellow flooring professionals and offers expert advice and guidance to consumers & do-it-yourselfers around the world. To celebrate this lucky milestone, we have collaborated with popular vendors of quality flooring tools and supplies to give away 13 Prizes over 13 Days to 13 Lucky Winners.

I have seen relationships build here. There are others that have shared work and received help by being members here. This is truly a great community. Barry Carlton, PRO Member since 2007

13 Prizes

Some of the greatest suppliers of floor covering tools and supplies have agreed to offer prizes to participating members of The Floor Pro Community. That is all that is required to win. If you are not yet a member, join us here for free. Here are a list of prizes you can win just by being a participating member in any of our discussions (or start a new topic of your own).

  • ProKnee KneepadsProKnee Kneepads: One Pair of ProKnee® Model 0714/0714E ProKnee Model 0714 Standard and Model 0714E Wide is the only kneepad of its kind that is completely custom fit to your own personal measurements. AND Two Pairs of ProKnee® AP16, their new class of all-purpose kneepad. More info on these prizes here.


  • Jonny Corners Trap Door TrimJonny Corners: One of their innovative Access Panel & Trap Door Trim Kits to 3 Winners in 34×34″, 34×50″ and 50×50″ sizes in your choice of 6 different finishes and including a color coordinating Door Pull. More info about these prizes here.


  • Tools4Flooring BundleTools4Flooring: Three Prize Bundles, each containing a 700T 5-Pocket Leather Tool Pouch with Tape Measure Clip, one pair of their 309X Double Felt Professional Leather Knee Pads and a T4F Branded Knit Beanie. T4F is highly regarded by our PRO Members for its great prices, fast shipping and excellent service. More info on these prizes here.


  • TFP Hats & MugsFrom TFP Founder, Jim McClain: Your Choice of TFP Branded Coffee Mug or TFP Embroidered Cap. Sip your coffee or tea from a 2-tone, 11-oz. ceramic mug with a TFP logo, or protect your scalp from the elements with a one-size khaki colored cap embroidered with your favorite flooring forum’s logo. You could be one of 4 winners of one of these prizes, bringing the total prize giveaways to 13.

It’s the best website ever! There’s not another flooring website that even comes close to this one! Kman, PRO Member since 2008

13 Days

There will be thirteen prizes awarded over the course of 13 Days. Each winner will be randomly selected from all participating members of The Floor Pro Community. “Participating Member” is defined as any registered member of TFP who posts 2 or more messages in a forum topic during the contest period (it began the date of this post and ends at midnight, May 25, 2019). You can reply to any existing topic, or start your own topic in a flooring related forum. It should be something flooring related and more than just a few words to barely qualify. The first drawing will be on May 13, 2019 and the last will be on May 25, 2019.

I really do appreciate all of the advice, and appreciate the fact that you all take the time to try to help people out here. This is an amazing website, and I am glad that I was lucky enough to run across it. Cheryl S, DIY Member since 2011

13 Winners

Will you be a lucky winner? You have as much chance as any participating member. Except for a minimum post count of 2 messages during the contest period (May 13-25), it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a member of TFP, how often you have posted in the past, or any other criteria. Just be a registered member and participate as a Pro, a DIYer or a Consumer. If your name is drawn, it will be announced on the forum, which will give you an alert notification when you are anywhere on the forum. You will also be notified by PM, so be sure to allow notification of new PMs sent to you via email in your profile options.

When your name is announced, you will have your choice of all available prizes in the pool. If you don’t select your prize before the next winner chooses their prize, you may not get the prize you want. It’s first come, first served, so visit often, participate and act fast when you win. Then keep coming back for the best support any flooring professional, consumer or do-it-yourselfer could ask for. TFP is open 24/7. Help, guidance and peer support is always ready here at The Floor Pro Community.

I have been blessed to know and work with a lot of really good people who have taught me what I know and helped me to grow and thrive in this industry. To not share freely what they’ve taught me would be a terrible insult to them. Commercial Floor Rep (Chuck Milledge), PRO Member since 2008

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  1. Trish Blassingame

    Congratulations!! Good to see a company make it 13 years and Still Going Strong! Here’s to all of you and best wishes for many more successful years!

    1. Jim McClain

      Absolutely; congratulations. We’ll be in touch via email to make all the arrangements. Thanks for being a participating member of The Floor Pro Community.

  2. Mike A.

    Jim Rocks to allow us the platform to speak flooring in every aspect of the industry. Where we “all” Have, the Floor!

  3. Jake Enns

    Heh folks . If only a resource like this site had been available when I was learning the ropes . Its fantastic to get the insight from people who are experienced in specific fields .

  4. Ken Fisher

    13 Years! Cool Jim.

  5. Scott Mogler

    TF4 has the best selection of tools at great prices. Can’t beat that. I buy 75% of all my flooring tools and supplies from TF4. Great customer service and very fast shipping.

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