A Carpet Seaming Tool Review

by Chris Sheafer

I’ve been using the Seamer Down Now carpet seam cooling machine now for about a month on all carpet seams that I have done from super cheap to woven wool goods. It is noisy, but not so much as to make me not want to use it. Ear protection is strongly advised.

I have found that it has added greatly to the smooth flow of the job in the following ways:

  1. You can stretch immediately. This is most realized when you have only one room to do in a room that has a seam. When doing a whole house, I like to stretch my hall first and make my door seams before stretching in the rooms. I love that as soon as I make a door seam with the SDN, my helper can jump right on it.
  2. Seams in carpets with a skewed pattern are made much easier with the Kool Glide, but with the Seamer Down Now, the time to make that seam is greatly reduced because you can cool down your seamed sections immediately and not have to wait an extended time for your seam to cool off to make a nearby adjustment on another part of the seam.
  3. Seams that have been run on a row, but are bowed in and out, are done much quicker without having to use stay nails, or worry about the section you just finished gapping or overlapping due to adjustments to the area you’re working on.
  4. Seams that begin or end under toe kicks you can almost immediately lay back in or pull out for seaming with the Seamer Down Now tool.
  5. When installing cheap apartment grade carpet, you can burn seams at a higher temperature and cool them faster without damage with the Seamer Down Now.

A real benefit I have experienced is the fact that your seam is cooled very quickly. Since I use the Kool Glide system on most of my work, I have not observed the thermoplastic being pulled up in the backing. My concern that the tool would pull the thermoplastic sealed edges up into the nap face were unfounded and I have not experienced any problems regarding that.

There is one place where I wasn’t able to use it. That was at doorways where the carpet you are installing is meeting another carpet of a different height. Since the Seamer Down Now tool is a vacuum, it pulls the face of the material up flush to the back of the tool which would not be good if the materials are different thicknesses. It may cause the backings to become misaligned.

This was a very good investment and I am happy with its performance and the benefits it brings to the job site. I would recommend it to anyone. You can purchase the machine direct from www.SeamerDownNow.com or your local carpet tool distributor.

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Seamer Down Now front Seamer Down Now back
Seamer Down Now bottom

This review was originally published February 26, 2010. Your comments are welcome below.

The following information is provided by SeamerDownNow.com:

Daniel Bennett has invented a product and a process that will allow carpet installers to instantly power stretch seams as soon as they are put together.

What is the “Seamer Down Now?”

The “Seamer Down Now” is a vacuum device, that draws the heat out of the seam after an installer has melted the seaming tape to put two pieces of carpet together. It speeds up installation and drastically improves installation quality.

The bottom of the “Seamer Down Now” is an invention that allows it to slide without effort, even though it is placing tremendous suction on the carpet and at the same time it is putting uniform pressure downward. The vacuum draws air through the carpet which becomes super-cooled by the simple fact that when air is forced through a restricted area it becomes super-cooled. Both the “Product” and the “Process” are fully patented.

Chris SheaferAbout the Author: Chris Sheafer is The Carpetologist. Trained by an “old school” installer, his father, he brings more than 30 years of craftsmanship to the jobsite. Chris uses the latest technology and techniques to meet or exceed industry standards. In addition to excelling in carpet installation, he installs sheet vinyl and vinyl tile.

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  1. Ashley

    I thought that it was interesting when you said that one reason to consider hiring professionals for your renovation projects is that they have the right equipment necessary for completing the job correctly. I have been thinking about remodeling my carpeting by myself but I have been worried that I won’t be able to complete this project by myself. I will be sure to hire a professional to help remodel my carpets for me in order to ensure quality.

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