The Resurgence of Parquet Flooring

How Parquet Flooring Is Coming Back Into Fashion

parquet-luxury-flooringParquet flooring had found itself on the rise in popularity recently, but what exactly is causing the increase of interest?

The style of parquet flooring dates back to the 16th century and can be found in many Edwardian houses in England. The typical style of parquet flooring comes from the combination of oblong shapes that fit together to form geometric shapes, the most common style is called herringbone. However, parquet found itself put on the sideline once carpeted floors were introduced in the 1930’s, as carpets proved to be a more comfortable and cheaper alternative. Since then, wood floors have majorly developed and progressed proving to be a stronger, if not better, choice than carpet.

In keeping with the ongoing trend of bringing back the vintage, parquet flooring has made a recent return, appearing in homes and commercial properties up and down the country. Because of hardwoods’ many beneficial properties, including heat retention and longevity, it has been rapidly making a strong impact in the interior design world.

parquet flooring is the perfect choice to add interest to a room

The unique and distinctive design of parquet flooring makes it a feature piece in any room, something that has been popular for a few years now. While many have focused on creating impactful feature walls, floors have been neglected in that sense. Since feature walls are far more common nowadays, peoples attention have instead been drawn to floors, which is where parquet comes in to the picture.

When many people think of parquet flooring they normally imagine the 70’s style short planked, dark wood such as walnut or rich oak, but those days are gone, as parquet flooring can be incorporated with whitewash woods and other colors to keep it fresh and modern. As well as this, parquet is as easy to install as a tile, simply interlocking together with a groove mechanism.

Not only is it beautiful to look at, parquet also has many practical benefits. If installed using engineered wood, parquet flooring can be used in conjunction with underfloor heating, something many modern properties are incorporating nowadays. Similar to other wood floors, either solid or engineered, using the parquet style remains a low maintenance floor that is less prone to harboring dust, mold and allergens, making it a great choice for homeowners.

With current trends incorporating the old with the new, parquet flooring is the perfect choice to add interest to a room and draw in the eye.

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