Patching Vinyl Floors, a Photo Essay

Patching Damaged Glue-Down Sheet Vinyl Floors

This is a step-by-step guide to repairing damaged sheet vinyl flooring. Click a picture and follow along during an actual job of patching a vinyl floor.

Detailed instructions for this can be found in this article.

Jim McClain
Jim McClain grew up in rural Plumas County, California. After a short, but exciting stint in the US Army, where he dodged work in Germany and incoming rounds in Vietnam, he settled back into country living and took a part-time job as an installer's helper to work his way through college. He fell in love with the business and turned it into a 46 year career. Retiring from sales & installations in 2006, he still carries on his love affair with the industry through the use of a computer, a digital camera and a little space in "teh Ether".

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