NFIC Training Clinics and Schools for Installation, Inspections & Sales


Installation Training Courses on…

Woven & Tufted Wools
The course consists of 3 days of training for skilled installers. Our instructors have over 35 years of experience each.

Day 1 of the course is a review of the study guide followed by a written test.

Day 2 is “hands on training” consisting of pattern matching, double stick installation, preparation for Wilton seams, and much, much more.

Day 3, testing for “hands on training” along with demonstrations of the Kool Glide Iron, and the Seamer Down Now.

These tools, we feel will enhance any carpet installation.

Inspector Courses

We do a yearly Inspectors course which includes a tour of a Woven mill to give the Inspector a first hand look at the product while being manufactured.

The Inspectors course consists of a 3 day course of all aspects of the industry, manufacturing, installation, and appearance retention, for Woven and Tufted Wools.

Sales Training

NFIC coming to your area…
Increase your sales with a One Day Sales Seminar at your location.

NFIC has a comprehensive program that helps your sales personnel gain the confidence and understanding of selling woven and tufted wools.

The Sales seminar is a 4 – 5 hour seminar, with seaming demonstration, as well as question and answer time.

We encourage all questions.

Our goal is to instill confidence, the knowledge and understanding of these products.

Current Schedule

Installation Clinics and Schools
Calgary, Canada — September 2015
Atlanta, Georgia — October 2015


Training and Testing for Woven & Tufted Wools — All Classes will include Kool Glide Certification as well.
Hands on Test — Hands on Training & Testing will include: Kool Glide Iron – Training & Certification; Hand sewing on Wilton carpets; Seaming & Stretch-in of pattern carpet; Stairs; Double- glue installation and Preparation

Inspector Course
Bloomsburg, PA — August 2015, includes a Bloomsburg carpet mill tour

Sales Course
The International Surfaces Event November 2015, Orlando, FL

VISIT US AT Surfaces East (TISE) 2015 – NFIC will be conducting a “free” sales training for those who register through Surfaces. Check out Surfaces for further information about this.

One Day Seminar/Training for Sales People
Understanding Natural Fiber Carpets

  • Product Knowledge – Sales – Installation Information
  • Training on Woven/Tufted Wools (Axminster, Wilton & Velvet )

General Knowledge

  • Knowing your product
  • How these products are different from regular carpet
  • Do’s & don’ts on where to install the product
  • Measuring & seam placement
  • Kool Glide Iron & it’s importance on the product
  • Understanding the right pad, for the right job
  • Q & A Time – be prepared with written questions of your own

One day seminar for sales people, designers, decorators and installers – up to 30 people per session 9:00 – 1:00 Q & A to follow. Study/reference guide for each attendee to keep.

Find out more and to set up a one day seminar, contact or call 770 720-4537. Visit the NFIC website at

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