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Jim McClainI’m glad that you’ve come here to learn more about The Floor Pro Community. I’m always happy to greet my fellow flooring professionals. It’s a joy to meet so many PROs that are passionate about this industry. This website is a way we can share that passion and our experience, strength and hope for the flooring industry – online, in a safe, secure and community oriented environment.

If you are anxious to get right to it and skip this “sales pitch,” then click this link to Register Your FREE Account at The Floor Pro Community right now. But if you want to read about all the features and benefits of being a pro member here, stick around and let me explain.

TFP, as most people refer to it, got its start on the Interweb in May, 2006. But the idea goes much further back than that. I entered the industry as a flooring installer’s helper in 1971. My career of selling and installing flooring came to a sad end, in 2006, after a heart attack and the discovery of lung disease. But it didn’t dampen my spirit or my dream to bring flooring professionals from around the world together, all in one virtual community, to help one another be more successful and to improve the lot of everyone involved in flooring.

The Floor Pro Community does that in several different ways.

Click the links above or the navigation below to learn more. But after all is said and done, I think you will agree, The Floor Pro Community is the place to be, if you are a flooring professional who wants to learn more, teach more, earn more and be more. You can do that by Joining Us Now. It’s free, easy, fun and profitable.