Flooring Retailers and the Independent Inspector

Eye SpyUsing an independent and experienced flooring inspector gives the retailer an unbiased and credible expert opinion. Smaller floorcovering dealers often have an installation background and can handle installation errors on their own. Larger retailers often have a claims person with business skills but often limited installation skills. In-house claims personnel may lack the expertise and confidence necessary to determine the various installation, manufacturing and consumer issues involved. An independent flooring inspector instills more confidence and is more apt to be accepted by the affected installers, mills or consumers.

It is an unfortunate fact that many consumers expect to be taken advantage of. They do not trust sales people, installers or retail managers to give them a fair shake when a flooring related problem has occurred. Use of an independent inspector adds a measure of credibility for the retailer. An independent inspector adds an atmosphere of caring and searching for the truth to the consumer. It removes any concern over store politics and puts everyone on an equal footing. It renews the confidence the consumer had in the retailer when they first shopped for flooring.

Floor covering dealers who contract an independent inspector benefit by receiving a full inspection report, not just a truncated synopsis of the manufacturer’s inspection report. They have the opportunity to choose an inspector they feel has the qualifications and work ethic necessary for the job, instead of settling for the manufacturer’s pool of unknowns. You may have heard complaints about other inspectors conclusions from other dealers. Not all of them have learned they could get a qualified inspector of their choice.

Instead of accepting the status quo, find responsible and respectable flooring inspectors in your area. Find a flooring inspection professional that will save you worry and expense. It only takes a couple of manufacturing problem findings to cover the cost of an independent inspector.

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  1. Seasoned Flooring Inspector

    Most and I mean 99% of the flooring dealers only want a report to eleminates any fault on their part. If you stick the manufacturer or homeowner that is fine with them. Dealers want and hire you for one thing only to lie on the report if they are at fault. If you don’t support their ideas or you won’t lie, they will not hire you.
    30 inspector that will no longer do inspections for dealer. For two reasons I won’t lie and dealer have a habit of not paying their bills.

    1. Jim McClain

      I’m sure that’s YOUR experience. Not all inspectors have the same experience. I know that there are inspector members of our forum that have had different experiences. Registration on TFP forums is free. Follow the instructions in your new member welcome message to get access to private, pros-only forums, including one for flooring inspectors.

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