Jonny Corners Is Looking For Distributors

Jonny CornersAbout 5 years ago we started a little company called “Jonny Corners”. We make trap door trim kits and felt there was a need for this product, so we sought to test it out on the market via direct sales in our area and online through our website. It was an immediate hit and now we have regular customers in the Northern United States and Canada. And our product has become very popular in Alaska.

Through our R&D and working closely with flooring installers, we have perfected Jonny Corners Trap Door Trim and are able to supply the US and Canada with this innovative, time-saving product. Our goal is to deliver our products to suppliers anywhere you find a flush mounted trap door.

Jonny Corners Trap Door Trim Kits are absolutely a great product. Don’t take our word for it, listen to what some of our customers say:

This is a great product–easily installed, problem solved! Now we can go fishing. Laurie Kaiser & Jon Davis, Installers

I think your product is great and I can now see that it really helps solve a problem, which is the sign of a great product. Steve Gundlach, Retailer

I can easily see where this product is genius in its application and design. I like it! Bud Cline, Pro Member of The Floor Pro Community

Here are some of our best bragging points:

  • Our kits contain everything you need to trim a trap door: Screws, nails, corners, and trim – no need to buy anything else.
  • Anyone with a hammer, metal cutters, and screwdriver can install our kit. Once an installer uses our kits he/she will never go back to the old way.
  • The door does not have to be square and there is no need to measure and cut with extreme accuracy. Cut the T metal one-inch short of each corner, nail the T to the door and screw the corners on top. Very quick & simple.
  • There have been no complaints about our kits in 5 years, the product is perfect for its application.
  • Every brick & mortar flooring store in our part of Montana buys Jonny Corners.
  • Using Jonny Corners in a typical job can cut a half-hour off installation time (aprox.) and improve customer satisfaction.
  • We have six colors and finishes to match the flooring and room decor: Black, Silver, Bronze, Pewter, Colonial Silver, and Colonial Copper.
  • Our kits take a trap door from eye-sore to decor in less than 20 minutes.
  • Jonny Corners Trap Door kits work on boat hatches and other access panels very well.
  • Jonny Corners is a safe and trouble-free product. There are no sharp edges or corners to cause injury and no more snagged socks, stockings or mops.

If you are a distributor, give us a call! We have great pricing and can accommodate your special needs. We guarantee you will not compete with other distributors in the same area.

If you are an installer or flooring store, we would like to show you what we have, and we hope to be able to connect you with a distributor that sells this great product. Contact us at or call us at 406-240-1210 and ask for Jon. Or visit our website at

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