China Guangzhou International Floor FairOver two years, a majority of countries have issued related environmental protection regulations to restrict volatile organic solvents. Concrete floor coatings features, such as waterborne, solvent free and high solids will inevitably be the development trend for the epoxy flooring industry.

Chinese industrial floor coatings or paints currently produced are either solvent based or solvent free coatings, with the former causing harm to human health and pollution of the environment during production and its application in construction. The solvent-free epoxy flooring coating contains a active diluent. Typically, self-leveling application techniques will be used with 1-5mm coatings for solvent free epoxy flooring finishes.

The service life of epoxy flooring is dependent upon the proper cleaning and maintenance of the finished floor. In industrial applications with heavy traffic and rolling loads, the epoxy flooring should have regular maintenance to prevent damage from grit or sand. Extra attention may be necessary, especially in the traffic lanes.

  1. During maintenance procedures, no equipment or personnel should be allowed to walk on the flooring and precautions like waterproofing or water prevention should be taken for a period of at least 7 days.
  2. Epoxy flooring will usually stabilize after 7 days at an average temperature of 25℃ with optimal physical and chemical properties.
  3. Wear soft-soled shoes when walking on the flooring for cleanness and sanitation. Dust, sand and other contaminants will damage the floor, so timely cleaning and maintenance are important.
  4. Heavy equipment and materials must be handled with care on the flooring to prevent chipping and scratching.

With the advancement of environmental protection regulations and people’s concern for the environment, water-based epoxy flooring coating is becoming widely used. This promises enormous economic and social benefits for research and development. As a viable alternative to solvent based epoxy flooring paint, waterborne epoxy floor coatings can be applicable to workshops, offices, warehouses, labs, and particularly into humid environments, like on grade and below grade facilities. Featured as a green and environmentally friendly product, waterborne epoxy flooring is bound to be well accepted and widely used.

Article sponsored by China Guangzhou International Floor Fair 2017 (CGFF2017)

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  1. Bernard Clyde

    It’s good to know that the life of an epoxy coating on a floor will last depending on the cleanliness and type of the flooring beneath. It’s important to understand this so we can start taking good care of our flooring to prepare it for future epoxy coating. I think that epoxy is a great way to protect and renew your flooring in an appealing and convenient way.

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