you scratched up my walls and trim

Discussion in 'Carpet Q&A' started by David Shank, May 12, 2011.

  1. David Shank

    David Shank new school

    This is a way to prevent all those complaint's about scratched up walls,someone allways tries to role out 12ft wide in a 11ft wide room . what to do before you enter the house you take the carpet fold in half then you role it up , it will be about the same size as a role of pad you can then take the role of carpet and stand it up on the end and it's just over 6 ft. tall when you get in the room it role's out at 6ft wide so you don't touch the wall's once in place you just flop it open , this really help's cut down on complaints. you scratched up my wall's.
  2. kwfloors

    kwfloors Fuzz on the brain Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    You have to make sure the backing on the carpet can do that type of rolling. I have done several manufacturers carpets that state that they are not to be folded or bent.
  3. TwoStar

    TwoStar Maybe Three

    This is a good topic. If I have any Ditra in the trailer I will unroll it and stand it against the wall I am going to scratch. The fleece back doesn't scratch the walls. We save all the DuraCeramic boxes and Duct tape them around poles so scratches don't happen. We painter's tape them to corners that are in danger of getting damaged when we carry the carpet in. We sometimes bundle the carpet like Dave is saying, but lately I have noticed a LOT of delamination occurring. (Is it delamination when it was never really together in the first place?)

    What are your techniques for not damaging the walls, railings, doors, etc.?
  4. Darren Ramey

    Darren Ramey Charter Member

    I've always folded up carpet to get it inside. It's the only way to get it around the furniture, and down a twisty hallway without scratching everything up. I won't roll up like that at the shop and leave it that way for hours, but a quick reroll just before carrying it in has never caused me any problems.

    Plus I would much rather carry carpet in on my back solo, than 2 man it on my shoulder, it does less damage to my back and neck.

    As far as not scratching the walls, more and more I like to short the carpet, stretch it up and tuck it in. I do it most every time I have raised base, and the room isn't a funky shape. It helps to have a good idea of how much the piece you are working with is going to stretch too.
  5. Lo Down

    Lo Down Old as dirt member Charter Member Senior Member

    Cut the carpet into smaller strips instead of trying to remove a room in one piece. You can make better use of the van when hauling off smaller tightly rolled pieces.
    ..............and they are lighter to carry too.:cool:
  6. RKB Install

    RKB Install Pro Member

    I like to fold the carpet also when bringing it in, on outside corners i use scrap pad taped with painters tape, or scrap rip out backing facing out of course.
  7. rusty baker

    rusty baker Well-Known Member

    What about unitary backed? Not only is it rough, it will break if you fold it. I glued uitary backed in small apts for a few years, it was always difficult to keep from scratching the trim.
  8. Daris Mulkin

    Daris Mulkin The One and Only Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    I have used cardboard to line the walls with. I also use the corners that line the corners of appliances when shipped. Some are quite thin and you can put on some of those sticky back magnets to attach to the corner beads. But the appliance corners work great.
    Also at the base if you cut some trash Formica into 4" strips you can line the baseboards with them to stop scratching the base. Cheap Formica if very thin so you can cut right up to it pull the strip then tuck.

  9. kwfloors

    kwfloors Fuzz on the brain Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    I still have a bunch of those cardboard strips you nail your strip on top of it and the perforated part rips the strip off after your tuck of the carpet. Had a client demand that we mask everything so I documented every ding in the base already before we masked. It cost him alot.
  10. Daris Mulkin

    Daris Mulkin The One and Only Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    I haven't seen those strips in years. What did you do buy up a pallet of them when they came out?

  11. Nate Hall

    Nate Hall Types With Elbows Senior Member Published

    DITRA! AWSOME! I can't wait to try it! THANX! (sorry T) THANKS! Nobody's said anything about the accident that always happens when you're in the home of a really nice person. I've used White out, white caulk, Mr. cleans Magic Eraser, I've even rumaged around for the left over paint and done my own touch-up painting. Once I had a 5-pic action-back from Home Cheapo to put in a basement. The customer had hung her own foil wallpaper down to the floor! "Please don't scratch the wall-paper" I carfully laid the job out without tuching the walls and only scuffed a few spots where I trimmed a bit long. At lunch time I went and picked up a 85 color marker set at Walgreens, and covered my tracks. I feel sorry for the next guy he's gonna need a magic wand to redo that floor without "touching" the wallpaper "like the last guy did" BWA-HA-HA-HA
  12. Elmer Fudd

    Elmer Fudd Administwative Asst. Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    You are one sneaky *&%#!!!!
  13. David Shank

    David Shank new school

    stiff unitary back

    with unitary back I would put a hair dryer behind the carpet up next to the wall on high and it heat's up the hole wall pretty fast and it just about lays it self down.
  14. Daris Mulkin

    Daris Mulkin The One and Only Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    David, I have been pushing hair dryers for years. It makes a world of difference especially in the colder climates.

  15. kwfloors

    kwfloors Fuzz on the brain Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    No, our distributor had them and we went through like 8 packages of them. We also got some 8" strips of cardboard that we put up behind those to completely cover the base and some of the wall. What a waste because I am known for no damage on anything and we couldn't talk the client out of spending money on something not needed.
  16. TwoStar

    TwoStar Maybe Three

    Put me on that list...I even used their paintbrush. :yesss:
  17. rusty baker

    rusty baker Well-Known Member

    Just tell them that their dog did it. :eek::cool:
  18. polestretch

    polestretch Senior Member

    The dog used the paintbrush?:hmmm:
  19. Nate Hall

    Nate Hall Types With Elbows Senior Member Published

    A carpet scrap or pad scrap does the trick and no evidence.... however a small dog might just do the trick. HMMM :eek:
  20. Majwoody

    Majwoody Pro Member

    We always called that burrito rolling. Use it for stretch in all the time. I dont like doing it for direct glue down though. If only it worked for sheet goods :D

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