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Discussion in 'Industry News, Training & Organizations' started by Jerry Thomas, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. Jerry Thomas

    Jerry Thomas Charter Member Senior Member

    I keep going back and forth on this so am seeking other guys/gals input.

    I am considering going to an alternate year , or every three year schedule with my NWFA membership. 395.00 per year is a considerable expense to a guy like me, especially when my main income each previous year has come from another trade.

    Anyone doing alternate year memberships with an organization you may belong to?
  2. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain TFP Owner/Founder Administrator

    Do you mean being a member only every other year, or only one year in 3... something like that?

  3. Nick Arrera

    Nick Arrera Resting In Peace

    You get a lot for the $395.00 though Jerry .. I know i got a lot of spam in my e mail , junk mail in the mail box , and people calling me on my cell phone to sell me crap .. I like to thank them for whoring out my personal info .. I'll be keeping my $395.00 next year .. If i have $395.00 .. :rolleyes:
  4. Jerry Thomas

    Jerry Thomas Charter Member Senior Member

    That's what I mean. Renewing my membership yearly gets me a tax receipt and the availability of very infrequent updates or addendum's. And I get listed on their consumer site for someone doing an installer search. The first two years i got some work from being listed...... this year, no wood jobs wood jobs came from that source

    When you first join you get all the manuals, plague, hat, badges, ect. Renewing you don't get any of that but the fee is the same. Something just doesn't seem right about that. In my view the fee ought to be less when renewing.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2008
  5. Jerry Thomas

    Jerry Thomas Charter Member Senior Member

    Good point Nick, my fax machine is about worn out.
  6. Nick Arrera

    Nick Arrera Resting In Peace

    I had to disconnect my machine i was buying a new $40.00 cartridge at leat every 10 days ..
  7. UncleCliffie

    UncleCliffie Charter Member

    Just an observation about the fax machine getting worn out from faxes you may not be interested in reading; I use The faxes come in as an attachment to an email. You open up the email, if you want the fax, just print it out. If not, delete it. I live in Iowa, my fax # is somewhere in Utah. The deal is free. I use my fax machine for outgoing faxes only. eFax - Internet Fax to Email Services
  8. Floorguy

    Floorguy The Living Dead Charter Member Senior Member

    Jerry, I joined the NWFA, when I took my inspector classes and took the inspectors test. I do not have to be a paying NWFA member, to keep my inspector certification.

    I have not renewed my NWFA membership, once.

    I pay my NWFACP dues, which is higher because I'm not a NWFA member, but it isn't $395, only $200
  9. Tandy Reeves

    Tandy Reeves Resting In Peace Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    I was (did not renew this year because I am retired) a member of NWFA for many years, and I do not remember a year that I did not more than make back the cost in referals. These referals came from being listed as a consultant/inspector. That is only about $33.00 per month advertising expense and it is deductable.
  10. Jerry Thomas

    Jerry Thomas Charter Member Senior Member

    I see your point Tandy. Not many folks check the NWFA consumer site for installers. Most times they ask friends, neighbors and co-workers for someone to call. When they are looking for an inspector they usually go to various forums and me, Floorguy and several others direct them there.

    I'm still debating it. What I could do is check with joining the WFCA this year and alternate next year with an NWFA membership.

    As far as i can determine I'm the only tileman who's a member of the NWFA. And Nick mentioned a good point, members should not be subjected to all this spamming we are getting now..... this year has been particularly bad for that.
  11. Tandy Reeves

    Tandy Reeves Resting In Peace Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    Very good point Jerry. I cannot see where NWFA listing would be of any benifit to a tile only man. WFCA looks like a much better investement.

    If you are going to join NWFA why not join TRFF (Tandy's retirement & fishing fund):D
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2008
  12. Jerry Thomas

    Jerry Thomas Charter Member Senior Member

    Well, I joined up to get the manuals and half way know what i am doing. I install quite a bit of wood now and have been trying to get all the wood jobs i can. I'm getting where i almost hate doing tile work .... not really hate it, but close to it. For the time being I have to do both to pay the bills. :) Tile is probably 65-70 % of my work.
  13. Peter Kodner

    Peter Kodner Inspector Floors Charter Member Senior Member

    Jerry, good thread! I struggle every year with what Assoc. will be the best ROI for me. I was less than pleased to find out the NWFA insurance providers are not licensed to do business here.

    I was a member of the local floorcovering assoc. for a year but they insist I join on the same basis as a manufacturer and do not provide WFCA membership with my dues as they do for retailers. Me thinks they are not too fond of having inspectors for members :D Nuts to them!

    I have never gotten a single referral form NWFA. They do have a "favored son" here. I started their inspector certification process but dropped the ball- shame on me. Floorguys comment is helpful to me in this regard. At this juncture, the NOFMA-CWFI is more important to me- far fewer people are able to get their cert. Much better ROI with that.

    Ceramic is a ways off for me- don't know enough other than to misdiagnose jobs. I figure the learning curve for tile is at least two years to become adequate. Too much new stuff happening there for me to get proficient at right now. First thing on my wish list.

    I haven't succumbed to the temptation to work for brokers yet, so no fees or mandates from them. But I think I owe FITS some money if they would ever send invoices out :rolleyes:

    Wish I had some answers instead of just questions... Would love to find an association where I can buy some insurance coverages and lower my individual health care premiums. Between premiums and deductible, I'm out over 10 grand per year before they buy me an aspirin! At least as an S corp., the corporation can pay my premiums with before tax dollars. Working on an HSA to help out too.

    Love to hear how other one man outfits are dealing with these necessary expenses.
  14. Nick Arrera

    Nick Arrera Resting In Peace

    Thanks for the link UncleCliffie .. Some good points were made in the post .. Decisions Decisions Decisions ..
  15. Nick Arrera

    Nick Arrera Resting In Peace

    It's not free any more UncleCliffie
  16. Jerry Thomas

    Jerry Thomas Charter Member Senior Member

    OOOOPs... that might be partly my fault Peter:) When asked i send people to the certified inspector professional site National Wood Flooring Association Certified Professionals - Consumers Find A Certified Professional

    I'm not listed there either :) If I wanted to i could list myself under Consulting/Inspector on the consumer site. There are no checks to see if i am being truthful or not.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2008
  17. Peter Kodner

    Peter Kodner Inspector Floors Charter Member Senior Member

  18. UncleCliffie

    UncleCliffie Charter Member

  19. cproader

    cproader All over T's last nerve Senior Member

    :eek:.......that would do it fer me.............:help:
  20. Jerry Thomas

    Jerry Thomas Charter Member Senior Member

    Thank you Dick.

    Cp ..... one of them things you mount on a wall :)

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