Would vinyl plank be a good choice for a new home?

Discussion in 'Vinyl Flooring Q&A' started by comfun1, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. comfun1

    comfun1 Member

    I'm building a new home and am trying to choose a floor material. I plan on carpet for the bedrooms and ceramic tile for the entry. Originally I was going to use carpet for living and dining areas but then thought I liked the look of wood. I was considering wood laminate flooring but don't want to wipe up water eveytime someone comes in with snow or wet or muddy shoes. Then I saw a wood like product at walmart on their floors. I figure if it can withstand the abuse at walmart it would work for me. Someone told me it was Konnecto that was glued down. On some other forums I have seen people have said they would not put vinyl plank flooring in a house that they would be trying to sell. They also said they thought realtors would advise against it.

    Is there something wrong with it? What am I missing?
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  2. pblnslee

    pblnslee Pro Member

    I do not know the name of the product, but I know for sure it is not konecto.
  3. UncleCliffie

    UncleCliffie Charter Member

    The product is Karndean,(sp)
    Dick Johnson
  4. Incognito

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    On a comparative basis real wood, stone, ceramic tile and finer grade carpets have appeal and charm well beyond the visual impact. For example, a wood floor has a sound, smell and a feel to it that you can't imitate with plastic (vinyl, formica) and cardboard/plywood. Likewise, a really excellent carpet has a texture to it that's just as much a thing of beauty as it's colors and patterns. Natural stone and ceramic tile have similar superior and somewhat immeasurable characteristics that simple don't come across on those cheap knock-off products.
  5. just tile

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    thats not konekto its wally wood at walmart. vinyl plank is a realy good product. i have 600 sq.ft. of it in my house. it even holds up under my kids and there roller blades.
  6. ortiz34

    ortiz34 2nd generation Senior Member

    Wal Mart uses Kardean Van Gogh viynl planks.
    Very durable and a great value IMO

    Dura Plank from Congleum is the same type of product but has a better finish/ warranty, but costs a bit more money.

    Kardean should be suitable for residential uses IMO
  7. Incognito

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    Relative to wood or stone vinyl will not be as good an investment for most homes. The exceptions would be rental units or low to middle class communities where the vast majority of the home price in in the dirt underneath (location) and no one will pay much extra for high end amenities. My neighborhood is a good example of where you might just as well put in a "luxury" vinyl as top of the line wood or imported marble because people will only pay so much for a home regardless of what's inside.
  8. FlooringGirl

    FlooringGirl Senior Member

    I'm curious - the original poster states "building a new home", then cites "a home you want to sell". Is it for the poster to live in or to sell? Karndean is a wonderful, strong product. Recently, I floored a whole home remodel with Mannington's luxury tile, both wood and tile looks in cool designs. It is gorgeous and has the potential to withstand some abuse. In any case, Konecto isn't glued down.

  9. comfun1

    comfun1 Member

    I'm building a new home to move into, however at some point all homes sell.
  10. just tile

    just tile Pro Member

    we did a couple of wal-marts several years ago and the boxes said wally wood. i dont know what the stuff is now but it's not konecto.that i do know. its a glue down vinyl plank.

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