Wood-Look Flooring for Enclosed Porch?

Discussion in 'Help Selecting the Best Floor Covering' started by spoonsister, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. spoonsister

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    Hi all,
    This forum has been a huge help to me as a reader over the years and this is my first post. Don't worry, my ignorance will completely shine through. I just bought a 100 year old house (ack!) as a step up from my 65 year old home. While I'm happily on my way to figuring out the interior floors (5 different kinds of wood and as many finish colors), I desperately want the old look of the wood plank front porches that I admire (both new and ancient) for our enclosed front porch, but not sure it's feasible in the Midwest even with the best storm windows. Do I have any options since I'm not interested in stone or ceramic? I'm feeling more nervous about Vinyl/Fiberglass Plank given certain stories I've seen on here from several years back.
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  2. If this is not an environmentally controlled space, i.e. heat, A/C, humidity then you're pretty much limited to a porcelain tile wood look. Everything else would pretty much be a roll of the dice.

    Resilient floors, whether floating or directly adhered are not meant to be in conditions where the subfloor or ambient conditions can fall outside of a temp range of about 55-140 degrees and are exposed to relative humidity above 65%. With all of the windows and exposure to direct sunlight that floor could get well above an acceptable range and if it's not temperature controlled could get well below the minimum in the winter. The problem is that these floors will expand and contract unpredictably with such extremes and that could result in a failure.

    I'm not sure what product that you have down there now but if that's luxury vinyl tile, it's doing shockingly well! If it's ceramic/porcelain that goes to my point that a porcelain wood look plank might be an option that would hold up well for you.
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    I'd go with wood look porcelain planks. You can get them to look just like a nice wood floor, but porcelain can be used in areas that freeze, etc. wood tile.jpg
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  4. spoonsister

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    Thanks!! I believe what is there now is very very old vinyl or linoleum (don't believe it's asbestos vinyl) and I can't believe there is no curling or any air pockets or sign of contraction etc. Which sort of gave me hope for LVP, but you make great points and I'd be disappointed if the sunlight alone destroyed it.
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  5. spoonsister

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    This is incredibly helpful, thanks! Now I just gotta research pricing for some legit stuff :) I assume porcelain is a bit trickier for a DIYer
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  7. Mike Antonetti

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    What's underneath the porch? If you want old wood look floor I think a carpenter could provide that service, not sure if I'd nail right over vinyl. If you could see what subfloor is, underlayment, joists etc. for another layer of 3/4" wood (not designed for interior) decking.

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