Wondering about the Congoleum Dura products

Discussion in 'Vinyl Flooring Q&A' started by comfun1, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. comfun1

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    I have been looking at the Congoleum Durastone, Duraceramic and Duraplanks. I like the look of them and think they would be more comfortable under foot than ceramic tile. Also I think they would be warmer. I have seen a number of negative reviews concerning scuffing and chipping and color problems. Is there a higher percentage of problems with this product than others such as Konnecto or Allure? I don't want to have a floor that's coming apart or developing defects. I'm looking for a low maintenance floor.
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  2. kylenelson

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    From my experience with it (duraceramic) it's quite a tough product, it will scratch or dent, but only from abuse, not normal use. It looks nice and is warmer than tile. I think it's a great product if installed properly.
  3. mcbrides

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    We are huge fans of DuraCeramic and DuraPlank. We have never worked with DuraStone, but have heard about some product failures of wear layer delaminating along edges. We have installed the Ceramic and Plank on many occasions and have not had any post-installation issues. Either product we would put in our own home.
  4. Elmer Fudd

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    It is a good product. BUT it is not ceramic, and it is not bulletproof.
    Sharp things scratch it, things dropped on it dent it or puncture it, chairs without felt leg protectors dull the wear layer, rollers are a big no-no.
    It needs to be installed correctly, not just slapped in, seams need to be sealed or grouted according to the instructions. Jobsite conditions need to be met anmd adhered to.

    With proper installation and the correct expectations it will make a very nice floor, I have it in my own laundry room.

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