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Discussion in 'Buy & Sell Flooring Tools and Equipment' started by Cwaynef1s, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. Cwaynef1s

    Cwaynef1s Pro Member

    Is there anywhere I can buy Wolff tools online or in the U.S. ?
  2. Mike Antonetti

    Mike Antonetti I Support TFP Senior Member

    Tools4Flooring has some on their page. Contact Jon Dapron there, I think he's sales manager, tell him Thefloorpro sent you and you want a good deal! He has gotten me equipment/tools that are not on their website, you have to ask if he can get it.
  3. Cwaynef1s

    Cwaynef1s Pro Member

    Ok thanks, I have ordered tools from them before.
  4. CWEflooring

    CWEflooring Pro Member

    Im glad this post came up as im a little conffused about wolff tools its a german company and everything is made there by them for them but they wont supply us or europe in terms of what is available in the u.s as apposed to the uk and europe for example the range of different blades for the duro stripper in the u.s is larger like the self dicing blade vct blade razor blade attacthment etc in uk and europe wolff only make 1 blade for it in 2 thickness's ????? I order blades for my duro stripper from tools4flooring because its the only shop in the world i can get them ! I rang wolff uk and asked why they arnt available here but if i can order from direct instead of ordering from the states they said no ! Wolff also does the biggest range of everything else in the range so you shouldnt have an issue over there .
  5. OrangeOrcon

    OrangeOrcon Resilient Journeyman

    I own the lino edger, works well. And its metal unlike the forbo trimmer.
  6. CWEflooring

    CWEflooring Pro Member

    Ive always found wolff tools to be amazing quality most german engineering is like there cars etc . Wolff tools to buy are expensive but i pay the extra as they are made to last and in the long run save you money .ive got a pair of wolff carpet shears that are 20 years old and have seen alot of of hard work in that time and have never needed to sharpen them once . No sign of any corrosion etc . The duro stripper i love its the best machine type tool ive ever owed and stays on the van everywere i go .
  7. Steve Forbo

    Steve Forbo Pro Member

    The forbo trimmer is Aircraft aluminum with a plastic cover for comfort. It uses 2 blades, a straight and a hook to give a perfect edge cut. No other trimmer does that, plus gives it a slight bevel, which is mandatory for Linoleum. I also have the Wolf, Armstrong, and German Pro Floor trimmer. They are OK for sheet vinyl, but absolutely useless for Lino.
    I have 2 Forbo trimmers, one is about 20+ years old and still as good as new. I also have a brand new one that I have not needed to use...just as a backup if someone streals it...LOL
    Plus, I can trim 1/2 inch Mondo rubber with the Forbo trimmer...Try that with the others... :)
  8. OrangeOrcon

    OrangeOrcon Resilient Journeyman

    The wolff green cut lino trimmer also has a straight blade followed by a hook blade. Not sure if it has a slight bevel, but it comes with three gauges for how much you want to trim. It also comes with two different size bottom plates, one for standard vinyl and one for thicker material, so you can ride the material in glue to cut a seam. I liked the forbo trimmer when i used it in class, but the wolff trimmer was easier to buy for the same price, and smaller, which i like. I used it on about 65 rolls of a 3 mm nora job, worked well.

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