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  1. rusty baker

    rusty baker Well-Known Member

    Last Thursday, we had a record low for that date -9. Yesterday, we had a record high for the date, 73. What a week.
  2. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain TFP Owner/Founder Administrator

    Been reading all your Winter 2011 exploits and travails for a while feeling grateful that I have been blessed with relatively decent weather. A lot of snow fell in December, but that was over a week or so duration and only a foot or so, with some melting off between storms.

    The weather has been rainy some days and sunny others. In fact, it has been pretty nice here the past week or so. Then I got up yesterday morning (morning to me is usually 10AM because I don't hit the sack until 4AM) thinking I might be able to get my crown molding done on one wall of my bedroom. The snow was coming down. I figured we'd get a few inches over the next several days and I wouldn't be able to do anything on my bedroom for a while.

    I checked out my back door late yesterday afternoon and the snow was falling heavy. The snow itself was very heavy and I knew I wasn't going to be able to shovel it, at least not very easily. This morning, about 8:30, I awoke to some scraping noise and looked out my bedroom window and saw a friend of mine shoveling snow from my front patio. I got dressed and went out to see him, his girlfriend and their friend shoveling all around my car, the sidewalk and even part of my neighbor's sidewalk. What a great surprise and wonderful gift.

    The pics below are my back patio yesterday afternoon and this morning. On the left side is a pair of saw horses with the chop saw I'm using to work on my bedroom remodel. Sure glad I cover it with a plastic tarp.

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  3. mcbrides

    mcbrides Canadian Installers Senior Member

    Did Lo get hit with that too?
  4. Lo Down

    Lo Down Old as dirt member Charter Member Senior Member

    Yea, but it was 70% rain and 30% snow down at bay level. I was working around the bay at 500 feet elevation. It was snowing from 9am till 3pm. It stayed slushy for a few hours and was mostly gone from the road by 5pm................ and that was a good thing, because the paved road back down from this house is very steep. Sea level to 500 feet in .7 of a mile. :blink: It was fun watching the large wet flakes cover the lawn as I worked.
    The hills further away from the bay are still white above 600 feet, but I doubt if they had more than 6 inches. The nearby hills east (inland) of here don't get much higher than 1200 or possibly 1500 feet max. Just timber and logging roads back there.
    Can't wait to see what appears in the next week......... I'm getting less and less trustful of them weather people.......... I thought spring had arrived a few weeks ago. :ohno:
  5. Daris Mulkin

    Daris Mulkin The One and Only Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    Been in the 50's the last week and half. Just some small pockets of snow here and there where it was piled up. Grass is greening up some and I even thought that I saw a robin the other morning.
    Today! Well its in the upper 30's but are calling for 3-8 inches of snow this afternoon to 4 in the morning. We are on the outter edge of the storm but where Chris is its supposed to be all freezing rain and ice.
    Good luck on that Chris but as you know better you than me.

  6. mcbrides

    mcbrides Canadian Installers Senior Member

    I'm just taking the weather as it comes. Dave is on full bitch about having to layer up every day. Nothing is 'normal' this year.
  7. Chris Mha

    Chris Mha Charter Member Senior Member

    So far its just snow. I will take the snow over the freezing rain. It sucks because as of about 2 days ago, with the exception of piles of snow in parking lots, we had none. All gone. Now we have to start over again.
  8. Daris Mulkin

    Daris Mulkin The One and Only Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    I went to the basement to work on a rug at 3:30. Wasn't snowing then. It is now 5:40 and about 2" of fresh wet snow. Getting ready to go out to eat with the Daughter for her birthday. May be an interesting ride.

  9. Daris Mulkin

    Daris Mulkin The One and Only Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    Well it ended up we got 11.1 inches of the fresh white stuff. Going to eat last night was kind of interesting to say the least. Did a few sashsays and couldn't tell where the edge of the road was or the lanes. When I would hit the rumble strips on the side I knew I had to move to the left or find the ditch.
    When I got up the snow plows had already done our street. I had about 3 feet of snow the whole length of my approach. The old snow thrower grunted a little bit on that. Now when you go out the drive you can't see if any cars are coming. Reminds me of the days I used to live in southern Minnesota. We used to have orange golf balls on the end of our radio antennas so other cars could see if anyone was coming.
    I ended up doing 4 driveways and a block and half of sidewalk to get to my daughters house.
    Still thawing out.

  10. pblnslee

    pblnslee Pro Member

    almost 50 degrees on Thursday, yesterday and today over 20 in's of snow
  11. cproader

    cproader All over T's last nerve Senior Member

    Nice and sunny here.....:cool:....sorry......:blink:
  12. Lo Down

    Lo Down Old as dirt member Charter Member Senior Member

    Yours is on the way. :p
    ...and mine too. The road to my job won't look nice in snow on Thursday. It's about 3/4 of a mile to the top and I figure it's a 10% to 13% grade. :eek: I took a photo for ya.

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  13. FlooringGirl

    FlooringGirl Senior Member

    Ewwww, we're supposed to get a whole bunch of snow tomorrow night. Maybe I'll get a day off - yippee!

  14. kwfloors

    kwfloors Fuzz on the brain Charter Member Senior Member

    We are getting it now. 5 degrees with 23 mph wind. I don't know how they figure how much snow we are getting when it is blowing this hard. Going to be plowing in the am and then to work, too much to do this week to take any time off. I wish there were a couple of more days this week.
  15. Lo Down

    Lo Down Old as dirt member Charter Member Senior Member

    36 here and the forecast is jumpin all over for tomorrow.

    I may be able to make it 12 miles to the base of the hill below where I am working at,
    (which is at sea level, the current forecast for snow.)

    ....but will I be able to go 500 feet up in elevation to the home I am working at?

    Morning will tell me if I'm working or not.

    Not so much the snow itself............. but the 15% grade leading up to the home I am working at.
    If the road is frozen I ain't goin up it. :ohno:

    I am a woosie when it comes to traveling downhill on steep ice covered roads.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2011
  16. chucks

    chucks Pro Member

    It looks like we are almost done with winter here in North Texas. Today we had rain and it got up to 85 and turned out to be a beautiful day. Sunny and warm is the forcast for now but the 100 + summer days are just around the corner. I'll enjoy them while we have them. It's time to pull our bikes out ride them thangs.
  17. FlooringGirl

    FlooringGirl Senior Member

    So, how did it work out? I did get a snow day Friday - we had Level 2 snow emergency in the morning, and saw no traffic or even any plows by noon, but by the early afternoon, the sun had melted the roads clear. Well, I didn't feel like going anywhere at that point, still had my jammies on, just hanging out...

  18. Daris Mulkin

    Daris Mulkin The One and Only Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    Yesterday got a dusting, today it has been snowing all day but not a whole lot of accumulation. Maybe 2 inches.

  19. Lo Down

    Lo Down Old as dirt member Charter Member Senior Member

    Cold morning, but all was well till mid afternoon.
    From this high perch, I can see the bay down below, then across the bay to the small hills in town, then over the hill beyond the dunes is the ocean.
    What I am getting at is that you can see the weather coming a long time in advance.
    All morning and 1/2 the afternoon I could see the ocean and high clouds above.

    About 2pm, I noticed a darker sky over the ocean........... as I worked, I was the dunes disappear into a dark gray mass, then later the bay was engulfed and withing minutes the snow up there on the hill was so intense, I was gettin a bit worried about my downhill journey and the 12 miles home.
    It was like a blizzard had set in up there on the hill. I am doing a laminate job and that day, I had a point that I wanted to get to before I stopped for the day.
    I got to that point and I said good by for the day.
    The small trees and the yard were quickly beginning to look like Christmas card images. The pavement was only slushy, and just beginning to become white. I can't believe how fast it went from sunshine to a dark and windy blizzard........................ we don't get that here. :hu:

    As I was going down the hill, the flakes were huge, starting to stick and going sideways in a blinding furry. (embellishment for the sake of suspense)

    Just 4 miles down the road and just before the highway, I stopped at the Glasgow Market for a couple of fresh cookies...........:p
    Funny how at the market, the snow flakes were still coming down hard and fast, yet the sun was almost back out again. It was just an intense shower........................... intense enough to make me quite for the day.
    I left because if the snow continued falling at that rate for another 1/2 hour I'd be stuck up there.

    I did get done what I wanted to get done, so all was well.

    Last night I got down to 24, and that's very unusual here............... 200 miles east and it was -15, -17, -20 or more, so no real complainin' here. Oregon's high desert can get very nasty in winter.

    Here's a map of the weather reporting stations this morning........... many of these reporting stations are used to obtain forest weather documentation for snow and rainfall accumulations and used for fire indicators later in the year.

    Whaddaya think Jon? Oregon can be just beeeutiful in the winter! :cool:

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  20. Jon Scanlan

    Jon Scanlan That Kiwi Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    Lo how do you get on laying your laminates when you get such varying conditions? Does the house have to be fully acclimatised? Do you have to keep all the doors and everything shut?

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