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  1. Mike Sliwinski

    Mike Sliwinski The Doctor Is In I Support TFP Senior Member

    More Feedback:

    After creasing the Carpet into the gully I found that the wall-trimmer side leaves a mark on the rug ( appx. 6'' in ) and when I cut with the wall-trimmer side, I found that the Creasing wheels are leaving a mark as well. Maybe I'm using to much pressure :hu: Could be a leaning curve needs to be worked out.

    Anyway, for now, I simply grabbed a furniture slide and placed the wheels and or the wall trimmer rail onto the small section of plastic that protrudes out from the rubber pad, this way the tool remains flat and the plastic protects the carpet from marking. Another advantage using the slides or skidder is to place the hand on top and whisk away down the wall, with your hair blowing from the wind created. :p :yesss: I'm a Goof-Ball !

    What say You ! Other winners of the Trimmer wheels / cut + Tuck Tool.

  2. twomly

    twomly Pro Member

    Used my creaser/tucker today and its awsome worked a treat. Tried the Air-ez out at home and got caught by the misses as I was moving appliances around the kitchen when she got in OOPS sorry dear.
  3. David Shank

    David Shank new school

    The marks you get 6 inchs from the wall are the wheels rolling on the carpet they simply go away when you vaccum. if the wheel's mark the wall slightly bend them back til they don't touch the wall. try using this tool to crease your vinyl.
  4. cproader

    cproader All over T's last nerve Senior Member

    Hey David. I was installin 3000' of covebase this weekend and was thinkin, we need a rollin device that holds the caulkin gun to apply the adhesive to the wall. I got real annoyed at havin to wrestle 120' pieces with glue on 'em......
  5. David Shank

    David Shank new school

    caulk gun skid applicater

    good point I'll make something and send you a pic to see what you think and you should be able to apply with out bending over. it should have a right angle tip and a nylon skid base so it slides next to the wall. so the tip and the base should be one piece. it should be easy to make.
  6. Demonseed

    Demonseed Pro Member

    I was skeptical about finding a use for the stand up trowel. Yet, while doing a VCT job last Monday, it actually came in handy. When you factor in the troweling width you can achieve with it, it is pretty comparable in speed to a regular trowel. Still did the perimeter on the knees.

    For large areas it will be used, especially when a lot of glue can be dumped on the floor, it will never replace the old fashioned trowel for obvious reasons, but it is a definate winner. Thanks again to David Shank.

    P.S. If you have a catalog (print version) you can send I would appreciate it, will want to reorder trowel blades and see what else I can give a whirl.
  7. David Shank

    David Shank new school

    let me know the blade's you use and i will send you a couple of each. I am going to sell them for $5.00 each with free shipping. your first order of 4 blades are free for winning at thefloorpro .

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