Which Vinyl Plank?

Discussion in 'Help Selecting the Best Floor Covering' started by Hughley, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. Hughley

    Hughley Member

    I'm looking for some suggestions for which vinyl plank products are most durable and will hold up to heavy traffic. I would prefer a glue down but if going with a click together I like the rigid core vs the cork back. I also what something that resembles real wood with some texture in a mid tone leaning darker rather than lighter beacuse I have cream color cabinets. I do not like the fake plastic look at all. I'm expecting to spend around $7.00 a sq ft installed based on some products I have recently looked at. Any advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. There is one area in my kitchen that receives direct sunlight and this floor will also be going in the laundry room. These are heavy traffic areas because they are directly off of the garage.
  2. Incognito

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    Mohawk, Shaw and Mannington make some very nice plastic "wood look" plank------LVP is the Industry term I despise. LUXURY vinyl?

    OK, whatever.

    But they do make some patterns and colors that are much more realistic than others. My advice it to go with a darker, fairly heavy textured style that's more or less-------"distressed" or........hell, I'm the guy who installs the flooring. I hear these marketing terms and I laugh. Anyways, what I'm saying is I don't like the looks of smooth, glossy, square edges. It make the plastic look..........like plastic.

    So the idea is to fool the eye and fool the neighbors and fool yourself so it actually looks like wood. Real wood doesn't look a lot like some of those cheaper products.

    Glad to hear you're at least in the ballpark on what you'd need to spend to get a nice floor. It's got to be 80-90% of the knucklehead coming here for advice on what sort of flooring we'd recommend who are off by a factor of 3-10. Meaning, they describe somethine that we all know is $10 a foot and then explain how they've budgeted for $2 a foot or less.

    ALL IN!!!!! They think they're getting something delivered, installed and warranteed for $2 a foot. It's those big box stores and cheapo outlets advertising free labor and materials for 68 cents a foot. They all get what they deserve.
  3. Mike Antonetti

    Mike Antonetti I Support TFP Senior Member

    I’ve heard Armstrong’s Prizm is selling good. It’s 7$ a ft. for material, you have a small area so it may be worth it. Must be a lot to produce such a product, I don’t get the cost if real ceramic and real wood are less expensive or equal.
  4. Elmer Fudd

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    Easy there, big boy! No need to lump ‘em all together! There are some intelligent DIY’s.
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  5. Hughley

    Hughley Member

    I'm currently looking at Tarkett Progen and Raskin vinyl plank. Any recommendations on either of these? I heard they were both very durable products but I would like to know if anyone has used either of these products and could give some feedback.

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