Which Direction to Lay Laminate Flooring

Discussion in 'Laminate Flooring Q&A' started by shoman24v, Apr 5, 2019.

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    I am tackling my wood flooring myself in my house. I purchased 660sq.ft. of Pergo XP flooring w/underlayment to cover approximately 600 square feet on a concrete slab. I repainted the entire space and removed all the baseboards. I started by laying my flooring perpendicular to the length of the house, starting in the entry on the left hump. I came to the conclusion that that is going to be more difficult and removed the flooring (only about 3 boxes worth), since the majority of my install will be backwards going towards the kitchen (see attached drawing).

    My question is, I'm leaning on starting at the wall opposite of the entry by the bay window and work my way towards the front of the house, would that be more appropriate? The flooring will then run with the length of the house, centering it on the small hall leading to the hallway/master. Is it going to be a problem having the flooring running perpendicular to the length of the hall going to the master?

    Also, when coming up to the entry door threshold/patio door, should the flooring be laid against it, or should I use an expansion gap with a piece of trim?

    Thank you!

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    My general rule is go with the flow of traffic. In your case, It looks like either way could look okay visually. Personally, i would go the length wise in the hallway and have it flow in naturally from the entry.
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    I see. Well, the flow of the house is generally E/W.

    My issue with running with the length of the hallway to the master is I'm gonna end up with skinny sections on each side if I center it, then when I get to the entry, I'll be facing the same thing too. That's one of the reasons I decided to switch directions.
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    That's the longest outside wall so your way is right. Just make sure your cutters hit right so there are no sliver pieces you have to fit in.
  5. shoman24v

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    Thank you. I did about 4-5 hours each day last Saturday and Sunday. I think it's coming out pretty good.

    shoman063150.jpg shoman063156.jpg shoman141015.jpg
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