What's up with NICFI?

Discussion in 'Industry News, Training & Organizations' started by Al Czervik, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. Al Czervik

    Al Czervik Charter Member

    Is this still an active orgainization?

    I had in the past shot off an email to an officer in my area, to say hello, introduce myself, and let him know that I might be interested in information on NICFI, and I didn't get any response. I wouldn't think it would be a conflict of interest to reply to an email regarding NICFI since we somewhat share a territory would it?

    I've been going to their site for some time, and it hasn't been working, dead links, or the site down all together. I sent an email to the "info" email listed on the site last Friday, and didn't get a response there either. So, I tried calling all three phone numbers listed on the semi-functioning website. One said "due to the volume of calls, you have reached this message". I got that message all three times I tried to call that particular number. The other two numbers go to someones personal phone, and to their voice mail.

    I just want information on the benefits to become a member, and the associated costs involved. I hate to question the stability, or service of the organization, but is this typical? It's not usually this difficult to give someone money..........
  2. Ray Darrah

    Ray Darrah Pro Member

    It was once a great organization.
    They are having a convention and election of officers soon, but I don't know when that is for sure.
    Contact: RichSnow@optonline.com
    He'll fill ya full of "IT".. :)
    Don't ask me anything and don't ask Linda Lockwood anything..
    But you can ask Selva what he thinks ...:):):)::::::::::::::::):):)
  3. Al Czervik

    Al Czervik Charter Member

    Okay, I just talked to Richard, and he re-sent me the mail that was originally sent to me, that for some reason I didn't receive the first time.
  4. Ray Darrah

    Ray Darrah Pro Member

    You were able to get Richie on the phone?
    I did not realize he was released !!!
    When did they let him out?
  5. Al Czervik

    Al Czervik Charter Member

    Apparently this wasn't the same Richard.
  6. selvalee

    selvalee No one special Senior Member

    100 members, $150 dues = $15,000
    $15,000 X 7 years = $105,000.00
    Convention 500.00 X 80 attendees per year = $40,000.00 X 7 years = $320,000.00
    at most, 30,000 cost total per year to run X 7 = $210,000.00
    320,000 - 210,000 = $110,000.00 + $105,000.00 = $215,000.00
    some years, I was told they have a lot more than 100 members,,,

    think, there are about five hundred inspectors nationwide, at most, 150 members, that means, there were 300 plus inspectors not members which means, at no point in time did they represent more than 1/3 of the inspectors...interesting isn't it?

    the way to find out the cost of the conventions is simple, anyone here can call the convention center and ask how much it cost to rent the rooms for four days,
    you can call the Dalton Country Club to price a large dinner, none of that is secret!
    you can call a printer, and show him the book they put out, and they will tell you! that is no secret,
    you can figure out how much it cost per month to run a web site, and since I understand one of the members designed it, no cost,
    and, I had my site done for less than two grand, and a yearly fee less than 1000 to maintain,

    a member told me today they say they have about 120,000.00, ummm, no comment

    some members say they are not paid, but, in non profit or not for profit organizations, members can be "compensated" for their work for the organization,,,,not saying that has happen but it may have,

    or, they can have their expenses paid back, and time and trouble and all that,,,, not saying that happen,,,, just saying, that can happen or be done,,, Ray should know, maybe he will tell us if he ever had his expenses covered? I think for some reason, he may not have but what about some of the others?

    well, this is calm for me about NIFIC but even I get tired of beating this horse,,,, and having people tell me I don't know anything about it or I am lying when I was also there asking for the accounting of the expenses and never got it when I was a member,,, each time, people say I am only trying to cause trouble, but, when churches give an accounting doing the Lord's work, why can't they????
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  7. Al Czervik

    Al Czervik Charter Member

    Actually, there is a one time sign up fee of $300, plus the $150 WFCA membership (required), and the $150 annual dues.

    $600 to join.
  8. Ray Darrah

    Ray Darrah Pro Member

    i'm not so sure the WFXA is required.
    The purpose of the 300.00 sign up fee was to not allow 'newbies" the benefit of all the work the rest of us did to get the bank account up to 130,000... in the first five years. That money was to be spent on advertising and inspector promotion.. Had it all arranged and lined up ...

    We even arranged discount training, Membership only certification training.. lots was happening...........

    When Linda Lockwood was President...........
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  9. Jerry Thomas

    Jerry Thomas Charter Member Senior Member

    Whenever i see the word newbie I cringe. What has that got to with anything. Either a person is qualified or,.... well.... just not qualified. ;)
  10. selvalee

    selvalee No one special Senior Member

    it is about the money,,,, and using the "positions" in the organization for self promotion.

    It is not about the inspectors or improving the inspection industry,,,, if that was true, they would make the inspectors bring their 'papers' or proof of training/certifications before allowing them to put on their web site false info or make false claims as to training and certification.

    Once, I checked a few of the "claims" but get this, it is the way they "word" it...
    for example, many say they are wood inspectors,, or tile inspectors, but, they may not be. They can list they are a NWFA consultant and member,,, or just NWFA member under the certifications section, they just put, NWFA, and get this, they are not certified...see how they do it Jerry?

    so, is that right? if you are suppose to be honest and truthful inspector, how can you lie or mislead your training and certifications?
    For that reason, I will never have my name associated with that organization. never,
  11. Demonseed

    Demonseed Pro Member

    7 X $40,000.00 = $280,000.00
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  12. Bud Cline

    Bud Cline Tile Expert Charter Member Senior Member Published


    Sorry for the edit. The "QUOTE" thing was screwy and I felt like if I didn't fix it I would lay awake all night wishing I had.:)

    Carry on.:)
  13. Demonseed

    Demonseed Pro Member

    Thanks for the 'save' I feel more professional now, ;)

    ( I knew I deleted one too many of those thingies, just didn't know which one..)
  14. Bud Cline

    Bud Cline Tile Expert Charter Member Senior Member Published

    In the future if you will simply highlight the text you want to appear in quotes then just above the "Reply Box" you are typing in click on the little yellow icon that looks like a cartoon quote box (the one with the tail) and the software will take care of the rest for you.:)

    Hey? Is this a great place or what?
  15. cproader

    cproader All over T's last nerve Senior Member

    YES !! [​IMG] Wait a minute, are ya talkin about The Floor Pro or Nebraska ? :eek: Ever heard of Elk Heart, Nebraska ? Lived there 2 years when I was a baby. :D My dad worked for a rancher, think his name was Punch.
  16. selvalee

    selvalee No one special Senior Member

    sorry about the math, your correct math makes it look even worse!
  17. Bud Cline

    Bud Cline Tile Expert Charter Member Senior Member Published

    Every time it rains in Oklahoma, the only thing that keeps Kansas from sliding-off into Oklahoma is that NEBRASKA SUCKS.:)

    I am so sorry!:)

    If a Nebraskan drinks enough punch he doesn't mind living in Nebraska.:)
  18. Peter Kodner

    Peter Kodner Inspector Floors Charter Member Senior Member

    Hey Bud, don't forget: "If I had to live in Nebraska, I'd live exactly in the center of the state. That way, no matter which way I took a step, I'd be leaving it!"
  19. Jerry Thomas

    Jerry Thomas Charter Member Senior Member

    Them sound like fightin words to me ;) . I was just checking to see if Bud was right about quotes :)

    Yep, I been doing it wrong. If I click on the arrow icon beside peters name it takes back to the original post....ain't that nifty :).
  20. Peter Kodner

    Peter Kodner Inspector Floors Charter Member Senior Member

    I don't see no stinking arrow icon:( What's you talkin bout Willis?

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