What to replace old Masland with for future resale

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    As a homeowner, who is looking to purchase new carpet, I felt compelled to weigh in on this topic.

    My husband and I built our home 21 years ago with the intention of making it a long-term home for our family. With that in mind, I wanted a high quality carpet that would wear well and last. I chose Masland, and have NEVER regretted that decision. It is by far the best carpet I have ever owned. Even after 21 years, if it wasn't for the spilled nail polish from young girls having sleep overs, to the cat clawing at the top of the stairs, it still looks great and cleans up well, even the stairs look great.

    The dilemma I now face is, I've been spoiled. I now want everything in a new carpet that I got from my Masland, without paying for Masland. Twenty-one years ago, I was willing to invest in the carpet because I knew we would be here for the long haul, but now that we are empty nesters, who are looking to update an older home with resale in mind, possibly within 10 years, I'm not willing to spend that kind of money.

    Any suggestions?

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