What is this vinyl?

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    I've been to this surgery center twice now and I have never seen this product. What I know is that it is adhered, 12 foot goods, and has a texture almost like fabric. It is a skin surgery center that treats skin cancers. IMG_20171220_082943.jpg
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    That's a new one on me too, Barry.
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    It's Mannington Vivendi. Heavy Commercial Heterogeneous. Available 6',9', and 12' widths. Has a 20 mil aluminum oxide urethane wearlayer (Quantum Guard HP). Has a non-foamed vinyl and fiberglass inner core with a vinyl backing.

    Not sure which generation. It's now called Vivendi II. Mannington changed the texturing on the product about 3 years back to make it easier to clean.

    Here's a link to the page:

    Perennial | Heterogeneous | Hard Surface | Mannington Commercial

    Let me know if you have any other questions and I'll reply back ASAP.
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