What is a real minimum wear layer for residential use

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    I'm about to lay 1200 sq ft of vinyl planking in our house, including the kitchen and hallways. Although I have been targeting 12 mil and 20 mil wear layers, our top choice in brands/pattern comes with a 8 mil wear layer. It also has a ceramic bead overlay, and is warrented for 15 years residential/5 years commercial.

    Is 8 mil enough for high traffic areas of a house if I want it to last at least 10 years? I should mention I have a dog who like to race up and down the hallways.
    I appreciate any thoughts you might have.
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    Wear-layer in mm Wear-layer in mil Typical Commercial Warranty
    0.1 mm 4 mil None, or 3-year “light” use
    0.3 mm 12 mil 5 year “light” use
    0.5 mm 20 mil 10 year
    0.7 mm 28 mil 15 year
    1.0 mm 40 mil 20+ year

    The data shows on Flooret website above and I think it's somehow advertising. In my personal opinion, you may need 20 mil wearlayer for 10 years residential use
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    Read the warranty card
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    I agree. Read the warranty completely. Even the fine print. Usually they protect the manufacturers more than they do the consumer
  5. pbillow,

    Here's something I posted a while back to someone with a similar question...

    An interesting side note to give some perspective on performance, the product that Walmart uses in the clothing areas of their stores only has a 12mil wearlayer. In all fairness though, they polish that floor with acrylic finish. They don't necessarily do it because the floor needs the additional protection of the floor finish, but more so because their maintenance crews use a large ride on floor machine at night to polish the floor. Because of the size of the equipment they can't accurately stop at the transition from the 12" x 12" VCT to the LVT so they just polish the whole thing so it doesn't look funky at the transition where the floor finish carries over.

    So, yes an 8mil wearlayer with ceramic bead can definitely hold up for 10 years in a residential setting if installed and maintained correctly.

    Hope that helps!

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