What do most guys struggle with getting certified?

Discussion in 'Industry News, Training & Organizations' started by polestretch, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. Sean Moore

    Sean Moore Pro Member

    Thank you very much. Answered them all.

    Now to watch the calendar.

  2. Don Monfils

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    I did the four levels at one time.
  3. rugrat

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    INSTALL Local 2287 is the floor covering arm of the New York City and Vicinity Regional Council of Carpenters.

    “INSTALL” stands for International Standards & Training Alliance — the floor covering industry’s most comprehensive professional installer training program in the United States and Canada. INSTALL is the floor covering arm of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. The biggest names in the floor covering industry support INSTALL. Currently, 40 leading floor covering mills and manufacturers, including Armstrong, Mohawk, Mannington, Pergo and Shaw, endorse INSTALL.

    Yes guys, this is a union certification program.
  4. Isabella Flooring

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    4 year program and 1000's of dollars, and what do you get...
  5. FYI FLoors

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    I had a employee who couldn't read or write but he could guess m2 by looking at the job and would always be on the button:eek:. We always measured but for fun we would have him guess:p. I would have to make sure I spelt street names correctly as when he looked it up in the street road map he would match the letters, if I spelt it wrong I would get a call saying it didn't exist:(. He is very very good at his job (floor prep) and could do the work of two men in less time and high quality so we just worked around his dyslexia. He couldn't sign his name and every year I had to read him his employment contract to ensure he understood:eek:.

    Like I said he is one of the best in this trade but will never be recognised for it because he cannot/will not do any formal training:(. Real shame

    In the last couple of years the flooring ITO in NZ has got the government to pay for literacy support for our apprentices for free as it was the most significant hurdle our apprentices found hard to overcome.:)

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