Weight and Vinyl Plank Flooring

Discussion in 'Vinyl Flooring Q&A' started by deb68, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. Mark Brown

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    it was 10 degrees Celsius which is 50 in the old farenheit. You won't have a problem. It is fabulous flooring.

    They just had gaping issues, you know because there was no heat in the house. I am sure that you will not have any problems. I shouldn't have said anything, no need to make people worry. My bad.
  2. deb68

    deb68 Member

    No I am glad you mentioned it. I have read many mixed reviews all over the Internet on all types of flooring. I did alot of research before selecting this one and there was not a floor out there that did not have some bad reviews.

    My main concern is how it will handle the safe weight once we get that moved back in. We have an extra case of product in case it's a problem down the road. Actually I will be worrying about the floor when the guys come to move the safe back to its location. I hope it is not a cluster f lol.
  3. Not sure who's moving it for you, but an air sled works really well for something that heavy. We remodeled our office a couple years back and I got one out of inventory to use it and those things really, really work well. You might be able to rent one if the movers don't have one.

    Here's a link to what I'm talking about. We actually were playing with ours in the warehouse to see what it would do and we picked up one of our small forklifts with it, not a recommended use of course and far beyond what the specs say it will do.

    Air Lifter | Crain Tools

    The floor looks awesome!! Great job!
  4. Mike Antonetti

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    Mine wouldn't lift a full fridge. Now they make ones that can lift almost anything.
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  5. Chris 45

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    I gave my old ones to a buddy thinking no problem I’ll just buy some new ones after I move. Didn’t realize the price went up. My original ones cost me $200. My new ones ran me $450 after I worked the guy down $50. But hey, when you need them they can’t be beat.
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  6. deb68

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    The guys are coming to move the safe back on Tuesday eve. I'm so nervous. These guys are retired police officers and friends and previous co workers of my husband, all of them are now working part time at Cabelas...go figure lol. The safe moving is a side gig they have been doing since retiring 7 years ago. We shall see how it goes lol.

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