Water Leak and Laminate Floors Cupping

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  1. Kcardinal

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    So to update everyone. The flooring folks are sending over someone from another job first thing in the morning to rip up the floor. The Flooring manager is trying to see if she can move people around to get the floors in before Christmas. The builder agreed to have someone come and check for mold (but said do it when the new floor goes in which sounds pretty dumb).

    So tomorrow the guy will rip the floor out starting around 9-10. I'll watch him do it and I've already contact a water remediation company that also does mold testing. As the flooring guy finishes up I'll have the mold guy come over to do testing and give me an estimate of how much their water mitigation services cost. The builder wants to just use my box fan and the dehumidifier he had me pick up. I think I'd rather have the pros do it, not sure the builder will pay for it, but will see how things look. The flooring scheduler said they'd do a moisture test (but I'm not convinced it will be more than, well that looks dry). She did say the concrete needs to be dry.

    So I think the floor will be up tomorrow. I'll have the mold/remediation people come by towards the end. Fingers crossed the floors can go in the 24th (assuming things are dry and part of the reason I want the water mitigation pros), but most likely won't be til the 27th/28th (because of the holidays).

    The wife is pretty angry that we probably won't have floors for Christmas, but I think this is the right thing to do.
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  2. Mike Antonetti

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    The Mom is a Hawk, she’s on him! I think he’s going to med school.

    My Moms condo got some water in it from Some hurricane off the coast. We got there and I put some disinfectant in the infiltrated water swirled it around for awhile, wet vacced it and ran dehumidifier till stable. Still shows the water damage on base cabinets. Maybe I’ll doctor it up one day.

    How bout telling the GC you sent a sample of the mold growing to a lab to see if it is toxic? See if there’s some movin and shakin!
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  3. Kcardinal

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    Stuff is coming up...

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  4. Kcardinal

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    This needs to get pulled up, right?

    Language barrier here. Talked to their boss on the phone and he says we can reuse boards that aren’t damaged.

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  5. SteveG

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    How can the boss tell over the phone whether the locking system on the boards held up to being removed? The installers usually have to be careful not to break them when they're coming up.
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  6. Kcardinal

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    I don’t know man. The people here to remove everything didn’t speak English really. I talked to their boss on the phone. I was able to get them to remove all sections where the concrete is wet.

    There is one area under the fridge that may still be semi damp. Gonna call the builder.

    Also trying to get someone to do a mold test/water remediation hasn’t been real successful. Earliest time is after Christmas.
  7. Jim McClain

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    I haven't tried the product, but... DIY Mold Test, Mold Testing Kit (3 tests). Lab Analysis and Expert Consultation included

    You can also do your own remedial moisture test. It's called a mat test: Cover a 2x2' section of bare, clean concrete with some 4mil or thicker plastic sheeting. Duct tape it to the floor all around the edges real good. Leave it sit for a day or 2. When you pull it back, the floor and the back of the plastic should be dry. This is a hack method no pro should ever do because it can be inaccurate.

    This is a holiday period and everyone seems to be short-handed and stressed out. It's unfortunate that this happened to you, but if you want the repairs to be done right and not rushed, be patient.
  8. Mike Antonetti

    Mike Antonetti I Support TFP Senior Member

    Good call on removal, it takes days to dry. Get a humidity indicator and try and bring humidity in air down with the a/c system. Humidity tries to equalize, so less in air it will pull from slab prior to being covered up with the plastic vapor barrier.
  9. Kcardinal

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    I’m looking closely at the “good” pile of boards.

    Some have a little bubbling. Is that water damage or is that the bottom finish?

    There are a few with longer streaks. Again, not sure if it is water or if it is just the way it laid on the mat.

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