was my carpet stretched correctly?

Discussion in 'Carpet Q&A' started by Cheryl S, Aug 24, 2011.

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    Sounds good, glad he was not happy with certain thing either. These are the differences when you buy from a reputable company.
    If you went with a big company you'd be lucky to get a call returned
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    Did the installer scrape up the old staples or go over them, that'll create lumps
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    All stretch in carpet can be lifted. Normal

    There's not a single element in carpet that is elastic. It is not designed to "bounce back"! The backing is a woven fabric with carpet fibers tufted in. The backing is then coated in latex adhesives designed to secure the tufted fibers. The backing of the carpet is stretched to reduce the excess material on the floor. The installer is making the fabric "taut" not "tight". Each carpet has a Stretch Rate. Carpet can be Over Stretched. Creating more problems such as delamination and ruining the latex adhesion holding fibers into the backing. Carpet is a Fabric. It can be stretched repeatedly until you can see through it.
    50 years ago carpet was made with jute back that would shrink and tighten. Especially when wet and installers were known to wet carpet during installation to make the backing tight. This is No Longer the case. But getting it out of the consumers mind that carpet will be as tight as a drum seams near impossible!
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    Good points, Lisa, but...
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