was my carpet stretched correctly?

Discussion in 'Carpet Q&A' started by Cheryl S, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Cheryl S

    Cheryl S Well-Known Member

    Hi! New here, so forgive me if I do something wrong.
    I just had new carpet installed yesterday. When the BF came home and we walked barefoot in to the room, he stated that it felt "lumpy" in a couple of places. I shrugged it off. Later, when my son came home and was looking at the carpet he grabbed it between his finger and thumb and lifted, and it does lift. Is this right? Should you be able to lift the newly installed carpet? I'm wondering if it was stretched tight enough. Now I am obsessing about it. ( I have a tendency to do that when things aren't perfect.) Should I call the salesman and have him come look at it, or wait and see???

    Thank you.
  2. Daris Mulkin

    Daris Mulkin The One and Only Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    You should be able to lift it slightly. You have the leverage. But when you let it go it should basically snap back to the floor not just slowly settle down. I guess I don't know what you are feeling if lumpy. Could be a hard spot in the pad or even possible an overlap in the pad that curled when getting carpet in place. But that would leave a lump or bump that could be seen. Also if not properly installed look for bubbles.
    Did you see the carpet installed? If so was there a tool that stretched from one side of the room to the other? It has adjustable tubes and is called a power stretcher.

  3. DJ

    DJ Charter Member

    it should snap back like a rubber band. the power stretcher is a big scary looking tool(big spikes in it) that takes up the whole room..wall to wall. also are the lumps 6 feet apart or 6 feet from the wall? if so its the padding rolled up as daris suggested. hope this helps.
  4. Cheryl S

    Cheryl S Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your fast response. No, I can't see any lumps. Hard to explain...the carpet feels like it's not even or level in places. Like it's stiffer in one spot and squishes ( Oh, how technical I am! ) in other. Could just be the carpet, I guess.
    No, I didn't watch the stretching process, unfortunately. My son was wondering if he just used a kicker (?).
    I just went and lifted it. When you say it should snap back down do you mean like a rubber band, for instance? It doesn't snap, but isn't real slow to settle.
    I'm probably being to critical. I have a tendency to do that with everything. Do you think I should call the salesman and have him come look before we get everything back in the room, or wait and see how it goes?
  5. Cheryl S

    Cheryl S Well-Known Member

    OK, you guys are going to think I'm nuts...

    Just went and lifted my bedroom carpet which has been down 20 years. The new carpet doesn't lift as much and settles faster. Tried the berber in the basement which has been down ten years.... I can't lift it as much as the new carpet and it snaps back.

    Yes, I am a stickler when it comes to wanting things to be right.

    So, call the salesman or wait and see?
  6. Daris Mulkin

    Daris Mulkin The One and Only Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    I would call the store and voice your concerns. Ask someone to come out and have a look see. This way there is a record of your concerns at a later date if a problem. Make sure you document who you talked to also.
    I just did the lift test on my carpets that have been down anywhere from a year -10 years. Berber and plush, you could hear all them snap on the pad when lifted and let go.
    Chris we all know you have a marshmellow knee.:p;)

  7. Cheryl S

    Cheryl S Well-Known Member

    thank you so much. I am going to call and have them come out and look at it. Again...thank you.

    Cheryl S.
  8. ortiz34

    ortiz34 2nd generation Senior Member

    So hard to tell on line, best bet is to call them. I've read and reread this
    and it sounds like you "might" be being "over technical"
    The store may come look at it
    The installer is gonna look at you like this :blink:
    good luck
  9. Omnipotent

    Omnipotent Flying Dutchman

    Yes, the installer will say he always does it that way and never had any complaints although 1 out of 10 customers probably did complain about his installs, he won't admit it.
  10. twomly

    twomly Pro Member

    The hardspots could potentially be a fault in the backing, Cheryl as you push your hands across the pile of the carpet and pushing down firmly at the same time, does the pile feel nice and soft and plush and then you hit a slightly hard and firm spot of pile.
  11. polestretch

    polestretch Senior Member

    Can you tell us what kind of pad was installed? The thickness and density? When you say it felt "lumpy" was that in certain areas or all over the floor?
  12. kylenelson

    kylenelson You'll find me on the floor I Support TFP Senior Member

    Are the hard spots about three feet from the wall around the perimiter of the room?
  13. TwoStar

    TwoStar Maybe Three

    Oooh...I just love a mystery![​IMG]
  14. Cheryl S

    Cheryl S Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys. Carpet guy is coming out tomorrow to look at it, although I'm sure he will say it is fine.
    The pad is 1/2" 8 lb. Odor Ban. The carpet is plush.
    And yes, I'm probably being too critical, but if I have a problem later on, as Daris said, it will be documented that I brought this to their attention.
    Again, thank you all for your input. It is greatly appreciated.

  15. Peter Kodner

    Peter Kodner Inspector Floors Charter Member Senior Member

    Cheryl, have you started a file on your carpet purchase? If not, I suggest doing so now. Put you estimate, invoice, the maintenance and warranty info (I presume the retailer gave you these. If not, insist on getting them.) Add a note on who you spoke ot at the store. Get the name of the person who visits your home and put that in your file. Date everything!!! I would also send a follow up letter to the store after they have come to look at it- handwritten is fine as lone as you keep a photocopy, again in your file.

    I don't believe any of us here can make a conclusion if the installation is correct without physically seeing it ourselves. Document everything you do as it will greatly increase the odds of resolving any claim you may have to make more formally being resolved to your satisfaction.
  16. FlooringGirl

    FlooringGirl Senior Member

    Curious what that is about?? Please inform ...

    My guess, if it's not feeling even or level in spots, is probably a problem with the padding. Who makes OdorBan? - I'm not familiar. We've recently changed pad companies at our store for receiving inferior pad. The pad will make a big difference.

    In my home, the carpet is highly power-stretched, as my husband is a top carpet installer for 33 years. So, I just tried to lift it, and am going to say there is less than a 1/4" of any movement. It doesn't "snap back", but it's tight. Four years later.

    Cheryl, if you're not happy, say so. But, be reasonable. I think your biggest concern is the lumpiness. No carpet is going to snap like a rubber band. For real. I'd ignore the lifting, but ask if a power-stretcher was used, yet voice concerns about the lumps.

  17. stullis

    stullis Charter Member Senior Member

    The 3 feet thing Kyle was referring to could be from using a carpet spike.

    The uneven spots could also be from the subfloor or stuff left on the subfloor like sheetrock mud.
  18. strip buster

    strip buster my way is the best way. Charter Member

    ur kid should become an installer or inspector......very unusual for a consumer to know how to dry check for tension. .. post count.
  19. Cheryl S

    Cheryl S Well-Known Member

    Thank you again for all of the help. I will keep a file on this.

    I will let you all know what the guy has to say about it today, although I am sure he will say it is fine.

  20. Cheryl S

    Cheryl S Well-Known Member

    The guy from the carpet store just left. He thinks the carpet is fine as far as the tightness. He couldn't feel any "lumps". To be truthful I think what BF felt was maybe where the pad is stapled or pieced together. It's not really lumps, more like the carpet sinks a little lower ??? Anyway, that is not concerning me.

    He is however sending the installer back out because the seam looks pretty much like crap. It's in the closet so I really wasn't concerned about it ( can't believe I am not concerned about it! LOL!) and where the carpet meets my hardwood floor I wasn't happy with the way it looks and he wasn't either. He said the guy will come out and re-stretch right there at the doorway and take care of that. He assured me that it won't effect the rest of the room with this area being re-stretched. Hope he's right.

    Oh, FYI, the pad is made by Mohawk.

    Just wanted to let everyone that gave me input know what the outcome was.


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