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Discussion in 'Vinyl Flooring Q&A' started by Susan Jebbia, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. Susan Jebbia

    Susan Jebbia New Member

    We just bought another new home and thought that we wanted French oak hardwood flooring. After researching it, we came to the conclusion that it would be too much work to keep it up, much like the travertine flooring we laid in our last house in which we had to actually hire a company that polishes museum floors. When we removed the area rugs, we could see the difference between the exposed floor and the unexposed floor. The French oak salesman said that the area rugs would be the same as the travertine. Dismayed, we visited a flooring store in Palm Desert, CA, in which the salesman lead us to Prime LVP. We immediately fell in love and had it laid throughout our 2500 sq. ft. home--wall to wall. The cost was a fraction of the cost of hardwoods; however, more importantly, we could not be happier. We have no worries when it comes to water, our Jack Russell throwing up or having an accident, or our area rugs discoloring the floor. We absolutely love it!!!!!! We couldn't have made a better choice.
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    :welcome: and thanks for sharing your thoughts on Prime LVP. Who is the manufacturer? I ask because the name "Prime" is used in a lot of vinyl flooring products. And what is the name of the flooring store, so our visitors from your area will know that is a good resource?
  3. Susan Jebbia

    Susan Jebbia New Member

    The manufacturer is Virginia Hardwoods.

    The name of the LVP is Prime.

    The color is Sand Castle. A true brown that goes really well with dark espresso furniture. My area rugs look great on it. They are Dream Weaver Remarkable Cameo Cream. Love it!

    The flooring store is Redlands Floorhouse in Redlands, CA. Another store that carries it is Fair Price Carpet in Highgrove, CA, next to Riverside, CA. I actually bought my area rugs at Fair Price Carpet. I highly recommend Redlands Floorhouse. They did a sensational job!!!!
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