Vinyl sheet tile and dogs

Discussion in 'Vinyl Flooring Q&A' started by Dog123556, Jul 9, 2019.

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    probably another silly question. With older vinyl sheet flooring that appears is decent shape (no areas that are peeling or have the backing showing or anything)- would foot traffic from larger dogs scuff up the flooring such that, if it were an asbestos product, it could be sending anything airborne? You know how dogs pawpads have that rough feel to them. Im guessing that millions of homes have this exact scenario playing out as I speak and it’s a total non- issue but was still curious.
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    Hopefully, you're ok with a bit of a humorous response...

    My first reaction was - Good Lord, how big is your dog???!!!! (Visions of my childhood and reading Clifford the Big Red Dog books running through my imagination)

    I guess in the vast universe of possibility, it's possible. But I would say that you'd have better odds of hitting the mega millions lottery and being struck by lightening at the exact same moment than generating any kind of particulate that was even detectable, let alone a health risk.
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    I don’t think for sheet it’s at the top, it was in the backing and adhesive. Very low percentage of it as well @5%. Then for the square tile, it’s in the solid mix, so if the surface was sanded yes it’s in the air, burnished in commercial jobs? Like schools, not sure what testing of any dust found if it contained asbestos fibers but many here have inhaled large portions, like you can see the dust in the air. Some are gone, most still around. I think homeowners have little risk as long as the flooring is not disturbed.

    The known trades and professions are the majority of the risk. Firefighters being the major one.
  4. Dog123556

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    Thanks all for the responses!

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