Vinyl PLank Flooring - warped and foot print issue

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  1. Sharon1966

    Sharon1966 New Member

    We recently went through a main floor reno with a reputable contractor/design firm. They removed all our old flooring on the main floor, laid new sub-flooring and Armstrong LVP. There has been nothing but issues since. As you can see by the photos, some of the flooring is bubbling, some boards are showing bumps underneath and no matter how much I clean them, as soon as they are swept and then mopped/dried prints show up.
    They have tried to replace the bubbled/warped boards at least four times and this still occurs. They now blame our house and say it's due to shifting or the floor joists, even though this is the only area of the main floor this is happening. They don't even speak to me about the bumps and will probably say the same thing. But are saying I will need to pay them more money to rip out the flooring to check the joists/redo, etc..
    For the foot prints, I've tried every cleaning solution, water and vinegar, dawn dish soap and water, special LVP cleaner, etc.. the last suggestion from the supplier is Armstrong Once N' Done. Didn't work. We walk in socks or slippers and a foot print will still show through socks.
    My questions are, can they be defective as we are not able to remove the prints and can't even walk on the floor without it looking like the photos within a minute of walking on them after washing and drying them. I am aware residue form other cleaners may be leaving a film and causing the prints, but was told the Once N' Done would help remove any film or residue. It didn't.
    Also is the warping/bubbling a joint issue?? And wondering about the bumps. I've read Vinyl will show any bit of dust from the subfloor. Could shifting in the flooring (hence shifting of the subflooring) cause this? Some areas look like the nails or screws from the subfloor are starting to 'pop up' or the floor boards not being level. I can't tell.

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  2. Jim McClain

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    That certainly doesn't look right, but it's hard to tell from your photos. I do see what looks like a footprint - a bare foot print. But there's also some waviness and some kind of damage in a number of places, like some kind of tracked object was rolled over it.

    You said Armstrong LVP, but they have a lot of different LVPs. Which one? Was it glued down or floated?
  3. Sharon1966

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    Hi Jim, thanks for responding. The Flooring is Armstrong Natural Creations and is a glue down plank. Nothing was dragged. The first picture is showing all the prints and smudges just from walking on the floor after it was cleaned, I wanted to show how bad it can get just from walking on it in socks. The second picture is the issue I have with the bubbling as it shows the bumps. It also moves up and down slightly when you walk on it, like being on something bouncy. I did not post any pictures of the other issues in the floor from what I think are nail heads or dirt particles underneath as it is hard to get a good picture. Just looks like a small point in the floor. I can live with those, but not the bubbles and constant prints.
  4. Chris 45

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    Ain’t nothing wrong with your joists. If your subfloor was substandard, they should have noticed that and addressed it at the time of installation. Saying that is what the issue is after the fact only makes them look like they don’t know what they are doing. Why don’t they just come out and say I don’t know what I’m doing. You can quote that next time you talk to them.
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  5. Did they use an underlayment? Or glue right to the subfloor?

    I can see some fasteners poking up (telegraphing) & some possible delamination (plywood/luan)

    Being a glue down it wouldn't be that difficult to rip out that section & address the issue.
  6. kylenelson

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    Delaminated plywood and poor floor prep. Have you tried using Armstrong’s once and done cleaner?

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