Vinyl flooring brands... who to choose?!

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    Hi everyone!

    Ever since we started shopping for flooring for our new house, I've realized how extremely confusing this industry can be. We'll have 2 dogs, 2 cats and ideally would like to install the same flooring in an open space kitchen/dining room/living room measuring about 30'x20' total, which has a plywood subfloor. The current floor is a combination of parquet (living room/dining room) and ceramic tile (kitchen).

    We had settled on LVP because of its durability and waterproof nature. We were looking mostly at Karndean or Shaw, with Flooret being considered too but we haven't found out if they ship to Canada. Then we discovered the fading issue with vinyl, which obviously is a huge drawback as both the dining room and living room have big windows.

    Through a thread on Houzz, we discovered something called "SuperCore" from weshipfloors. Apparently the print is directly on the SPC core instead of it being vinyl which increases its resistance to sunlight and temperature variance.

    This all sounds great, but the site doesn't ship to Canada and no one here carries it, so I've been looking for alternatives.

    Ultimately my question is: assuming I'm comparing apples to apples price wise, is all SPC my best bet for what I'm looking for? And is there any brand anyone recommends that's good for pets but also is highly resistant to fading?

    Thanks in advance for helping to demystify an increasingly confusing industry!

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