Urban Floor worried about a bad name on The Floor Pro

Discussion in 'Flooring Potpourri' started by Jim McClain, May 7, 2009.

  1. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    ... so they are threatening to call their lawyer. A Urban Floor representative sent me an email asking me to remove a discussion about an Urban Floor finish peeling. Here is the email he sent. I have removed his name and email address and replaced it with "Urban Floor Rep" and their publicly viewable email address.

    I chose to reply via email, but felt you all might be interested in my response:
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  2. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    I had forgotten that this company, a different representative, sent me an earlier request to "re-move" the topic. Urban Floor did have someone join and participate in the discussion. Here is the email he sent:

    And I replied to him:
    Most of the pages I referred to as getting errors are fixed now, with the exception of the unfinished Installation page. I did not receive any replies to my email and the Urban Floor representative that joined has not participated since his last post to that topic. He was "warned" of repercussions for replying to an old thread, but I knew who he was and felt his comments were appropriate to the discussion.

    I am NOT saying Urban Floor is wrong. What bothers me is that they threaten me with legal action (or at least contact from their attorney). That just PISSES me off. :D

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  3. Floorguy

    Floorguy The Living Dead Charter Member Senior Member

    Stuff like that gets me hot under the collar too, but what helps is laughing about it all.
  4. Darol Wester

    Darol Wester Charter Member Senior Member

    It was kind of palatable until the attorney came in to the picture. Not a good way to get a response.
  5. Danny Ferguson

    Danny Ferguson Abbey Carpet & Floor Charter Member

    Sounds like the Urban Floor Rep wants to sweep the problem under the rug. I agree with your response to them T. Why not join TFP as the Urban Floor Rep and defend your product, and educate us and the googlers on what went wrong, how to prevent it, and how it got resolved. Sounds like a win win all the way around.
  6. Peter Kodner

    Peter Kodner Inspector Floors Charter Member Senior Member

    I love the NWFA comment. I have no reason to believe it takes much to acquire their certification based on the test I passed and the scenario they asked for reports on. Actually, one of their scenarios is fatally flawed (it is very obvious what answer they are looking for) if the job is in a coastal Texas area, which is not clarified.

    I think you handled it well Jim, but then again I flunked out of law school.
  7. Floorguy

    Floorguy The Living Dead Charter Member Senior Member

    I wonder if Home Depot has threatened legal action for all the bad installation & service posts out there on them?

    I still say it is moisture related.
  8. tony lamar

    tony lamar Charter Member

    One would think they would jump at an oppuritunity to state their case to not only consumers but also show the pro install community their dedication to problem resolution as well. Their concern seems to be about the way it comes up with a negative in a Google search. However, I think their response (if they come up with a good one) would also come up in the Google as well thereby countering the negative effect of the other.
  9. Darol Wester

    Darol Wester Charter Member Senior Member

    Oh how the INTERNET has changed our lives. We have a world of information at our finger tips and many are doing just that to research and find a wider range of professional input to problems that they encounter.

    Well put Tony.
  10. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    I'm not sure the topic they are worried about really puts them in a bad light. The original poster stated she had flood damaged the original laminate floor. She said the installers didn't take moisture readings. Neither of those issues is Urban Floor's problem.

    I am concerned that there wasn't an on-site inspection. I don't know that there wasn't, but there is no evidence there was yet.

    I am also concerned that there are no installation instructions available as yet on their website. They have apparently spent considerable resources on the Flash presentation of their products, even including some bling for the visitor (being able to blow candles out, etc.). One would think publishing the installation instructions wouldn't be all that difficult.

    With this discussion, I am hoping they will see the value in open communications with the consumer and professional communities. What better way is there to increase the satisfaction of the customer and accept and exchange feedback from the people that use, install and inspect their products?

    Our discussions here at TFP about flooring materials, products, sundries and tools are meant to build confidence and increase knowledge. Although there will always be negative experiences amongst those who share their thoughts here, the goal has been to improve the understanding and education of consumers and pros alike. In the 3 years we have been doing this in our neck of the ether, I think we have done a very good job. We are one of the only forums that does not allow malicious attacks on individuals or companies. We maintain a pretty good balance here.

    There have been a couple companies that have tried to promote their products or services. But we enforce the no-advertising rule just as strictly as the no-bashing rule. Some product manufacturers and sales people have not grasped the concept of responding to questions and concerns without waving that big BUY ME! flag, but we have several that have become valued members and set good examples. Maybe Urban Floor will avail themselves of this opportunity. If they don't, when this topic makes an even bigger impact on Google, people will wonder why their conspicuous absence.

    They don't need lawyers here, they just need communication. :D


  11. If my possible customers googled my company and it said my wood was crap id be bummed and probably aggitated. So I think we should cut the guy some slack but there are definetly better ways to handle the situation. . . Like joining the forum and saying this is what happened. This business is all about relationships and to go out of your way to upset people, doesnt make much sense to me.
  12. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    But the topic in question doesn't paint Urban Floor in a bad light. I change a lot of topic titles around here, but never to change the meaning of the topic starter. I think the problem is the title that shows up in Google and they may be worried that people don't actually visit the topic to learn more about it.

    I agree that the relationships between professionals (and our customers) is very important. But I don't feel I went out of my way to upset Urban Floor by starting this topic. They threatened me with a lawyer. I hope they will see that discussing the issues in this way is much more beneficial than using an attorney to blow smoke up my ass.

    Maybe there will always be people who think some get preferential treatment here. Ask Scott Tullis if that happens here - I knew I liked him when I first met him online over 10 years ago and enjoyed spending a short time with him at Surfaces one year, but he certainly doesn't get treated different than anyone else here. One of my staff also got off to a bad start here. Over the last 3 years, I have had to ban a bunch of people for various periods of time, usually spammers and hackers, but a few have been people I have liked and respected for a long time - still do. No one gets special treatment, not even my own customers - right Tandy? ;)
  13. Tandy Reeves

    Tandy Reeves Resting In Peace Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    You sure got that right. I have have had my hands slapped more than once. :yesss:

    CFD why cut slack when none is needed. All they have to do is enter into the conversation and state their points. I am like Jim once the word "attorney" is used our conversation is over and the next voice I hear should be from an attorney representing them. Which BTW puts his britches on just like I do.
  14. cproader

    cproader All over T's last nerve Senior Member

  15. DerbySk8er

    DerbySk8er Pro Member

    I agree with you a 100% but we are a manufacture that sold it to a retailer who had it installed. Yes you are right it was do to moisture the independent inspection report will be posted soon and I think you will be floored LOL at the moisture content.

    To address the thread title. We have built a solid name on quality and customer service over the past 10 years, and pay a lot for a web-site that when you google it shows a miss informed thread under it stating Urban Floor peeling finish. Of course we are going to ask for this to be changed or removed. I originally posted on here back in Feb 2009 and nothing was done. The TFP Admin left me a message saying nothing would be done.
  16. Elmer Fudd

    Elmer Fudd Administwative Asst. Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    OK, I'm guessing here, but by DerbySk8ter posts and the e-mail's to Jim, I'm betting that English is not his first language. Sometimes there is a disconnect in translation, so I think that he and Jim need to talk more in PM's and try and resolve this.

    Couple of reasons, most of us are hard-headed (not me and Tandy of course) and tend to take a stance and not want to back down. Sometimes a little give and take is good.

    My nickle!!
  17. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    That is correct, I will not remove the post as you requested. The title of that topic tells the truth, the finish of their Urban Floor was peeling (or what appeared to the customer as peeling). But the discussion did not end with that determination. I'm not going to remove a discussion here just because it isn't worded in a way that makes you look better on Google.

    Have you threatened Google with a visit from your attorney? Do you understand that the listing and title wouldn't change on Google even if I did remove it? I don't put these things on Google, Google puts them there. And they stay there for a very long time. I can't tell you the number of times I have clicked links to pages I found on Google and get a "Page not found..." error.

    So, if the title "Urban Floor peeling finish" stays on Google, but I remove the topic, then people will only have a statement that Urban Floor's finishes peel to go by. But if we leave the topic up and discuss the problems and come to some reliable conclusions, including that Urban Floor might not be at fault after all, then you have informed the public about a product that performed as designed and a company that cares.

    Forums are meant for discussion. People who start the discussions can title them any way they want. It is the people that participate in them and the information they convey that makes the discussion a worthy one or not. If you choose to counter the information by threatening me with your attorney instead of making your relevant points in the discussion, you will lose.

    Thank you for participating,

  18. Here is my half pennys worth

    If I forum was out there that painted one of us in a negative light what would we want done about it? What would we do about it?

    Now I beleive Jim can do whatever the heck jim wants to do we are in AMERICA and thats jims right to free speech. And if someone called me up and said im callin my lawyer it would get the blood flowing in me, I just think we should think what would you do if you were in Urban floors shoes. If you think of it you will know what to do if you ever find yourself in that position.
  19. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain Owner/Founder Administrator

    I have replied to 2 emails and sent a PM. None have been replied to. BUT... I just had a very pleasant conversation on the telephone with DerbySk8ter. Nice guy. Sounds like English is his first language to me (have you looked at the way some of our members type - you'd think half of them were from outer space).

    My hope is that the relationship - and friendship - with Urban Floor will build.


  20. Barry Carlton

    Barry Carlton I Support TFP Senior Member Published

    Sounds like good news to me. :):)


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