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    "Understanding the Basics of Ceramic Tile" Course is Updated
    UofCTS also releases CTDA Certified Ceramic Tile Specialist (CCTS) Study Guide online course.

    Education is the fastest and easiest way to increase sales and profits!

    u-of-cts-logo.jpg The University of Ceramic Tile and Stone (UofCTS) just released an updated version of the popular Understanding the Basics of Ceramic Tile online technical and sales training course. Both the USA version and the Canadian version of this course were updated.

    The updated course offers a comprehensive look at ceramic tile uses, including industry standards, installation methods, avoiding problems, sales training, and how to work effectively with clients.

    The updated course has an expanded section on glass tile and mosaics. There are new sections on Thin Porcelain Tile Panels, tools, tile patterns, tile layout process and options, steam rooms and curbless showers; including updates to important industry standards. The updated course was created with the latest HTML5 technology that allows students to access the courses with mobile devices such as smart phones and ipads.

    UofCTS created and recently released a new online course for the Ceramic Tile Distributors Association (CTDA)
    The online course is called the CTDA Certified Ceramic Tile Specialist (CCTS) Study Guide. This course is for those who are planning on taking the CCTS test. It gives them all of the information they need to know for the CCTS test, and the student gets access to the course up until the time they pass the test.

    UofCTS is currently in the process of updating the UofCTS Tile Installer Thin-set Standards (ITS) Verification online course.
    Due to the high demand for this ITS course, the updated course will have additional sections on how to install Gauged Porcelain Tile Panels (thin porcelain tile panels), how to grout with cementitious and epoxy grouts, how to installed shower receptors, steam showers and curbless showers, and how to layout your tile work. There will be an expanded section on installing glass tile and mosaics, and most important all of the relevant industry standards will be updated or added. Both the USA version and the Canadian version of this course are being updated. Also both the English version of this course and the Spanish version will be updated. The updated ITS courses should be ready for release by the end of June.

    UofCTS is currently in the process of developing a new UofCTS online course.
    Due to many requests from architects and architectural sales representatives, UofCTS is developing an online course called Tile and Stone Specifications and Working with Architects. The objective of this course is to teach how to write quality tile and stone architectural installation specifications, and to teach sales reps how to work with architects to generate specifications for their products. This course is designed both for the architect and arch rep to teach them how to write a proper tile and stone specification. It is also designed to teach the sales representative how to develop what we call a "bullet proof spec", and how to track and protect that spec in order to turn it into an order. We expect this course to be released in late summer. This course will be part of the requirements for those who want to become a Certified Tile Specialist (CTS) or a Certified Stone Specialist (CSS) through the UofCTS.

    UofCTS Online courses are available through many key organizations in the tile and stone industry, where members receive special discounts. Courses can be purchased through CTDA at, through Fuse Alliance at, through Local 18 Tile Union at, through NTCA at, through TTMAC at, through WWCA at for member rebates, or at the UofCTS website at

    As is clearly understood by successful businesses, the fastest way to increase sales and profit is through education. Once employees and customers are trained they will become more confident, credible, and effective in their jobs, and there will be less costly failures and problems, resulting in more sales and profit.

    To see video previews of each of the courses visit the website at

    Tuition is only $150 per person and once registered, students have 14 days to complete the course which is accessible online, 24/7. Students can print a personalized certificate when they have passed all lesson assessments with a score of 80% or better. Upon passing the course the student is provided a link to download a student reference guide that contains all of the key information from that respective course. Volume discounts are available.

    The UofCTS is the training division of Ceramic Tile and Stone Consultants (CTaSC) and is committed to developing training programs for the ceramic tile and stone industry utilizing the latest and most effective technology and learning methodologies. Launched in 2003, UofCTS has enjoyed many years of success with trade and design professionals and is the leading online training University for the Tile and Stone Industry.

    Tricia Pompo, Marketing Director
    University of Ceramic Tile and Stone
    Tel. 866-669-1550

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