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Discussion in 'Tools, Equipment and Supplies' started by Raines Flooring, Oct 17, 2019.

  1. Raines Flooring

    Raines Flooring Installations Express

    I was thinking of purchasing the Leister mini floor robot welder but would like to use the turbo universal nozzle with it. My question is has anybody done this? Can you get the right angle with the Leister robot or do you have to use the Chiquita?

    leister-wdd-744.jpg turbo-22-3-utn_1.jpg
  2. Mike Antonetti

    Mike Antonetti I Support TFP Senior Member

    I thought you just did polishing, nice diversity.
  3. Raines Flooring

    Raines Flooring Installations Express

    Thanks Mike. I was just doing install jobs of flash cove, Mondo sports floors, and the usual vct, carpet tile, lvt but got into grinding because I hated encapsulating adhesives and then started doing some polishing.
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  4. Incognito

    Incognito No more Mr. Nice Guy! I Support TFP Senior Member

    I'd call Leo at Turbo Tools or Leister. There's always newfangled stuff coming out and it's hard to keep track of what might be compatible or functional. For example, I got the pre-heat nozzle for urethane finish goods and Turbo want you to use their $175 roller guide gizmo with it to control the angle. For that price I can eyeball that angle just fine thank you. But I had to play around on jobs and with scraps to confirm before really using it on sensitive projects. (where someone actually cares)
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