Trying to fix a squeak in the subfloor

Discussion in 'Flooring Potpourri' started by Alex216, Jan 12, 2020.

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    I tried screwing deck screw the subfloor to the joists on both sides of where the squeak is coming from and it's still there. I tried looking underneath and saw that there's a beam 6 inches between the joists. Can I screw into this? It doesn't look like the floor joists and it seems that's the only spot that has that extra beam. Does anyone know what it's for? It's also painted red if that matters and it doesn't have that "I" shape like the joists.

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  2. Wonder if construction adhesive was used on top of joists. I would have someone Heavy up top and someone down below to identify exact location of squeak. I prefer to increase gap, fill with adhesive, then bring subfloor down. Screws need the smooth shank at the top of screw in order to pull down upper piece. If the threads are throughout, it keeps pieces at same level.
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