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    the above one was my stain and stain removal test- which also included nasty chemicals like bleach as you may recall. the below was my compression test on smartstrand ( square) and anso ( shaw) rectangle when i put 2 ice cubes on each and then put each under a heavy table leg for 8 days


    You know I think the shaw people do a better job of advertising, the mohawk smartstrand I didn't expect to win but it did- I don't think they sell it's assets very well.
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    mohawk smartstrans left vs shaw anso rx2 right picture by cheerpeople - Photobucket
    Here's a better pic of all the samples: Both types of carpet got equal amounts of the following stains/ chemicals: Ketchup ground in, veg. oil, tilex, lysol bathroom, bleach, permanent marker ( in pic) pilot paint pen ( in pic) red cool aid, mud ground in hmm, I think that was it. I'd scroll back to page one on this but I'm afraid it will lose what I just typed.
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    gtrying that one again


    hope these aren't too big to show here.
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    THAT PRICE WAS WAY TO HIGH>>>>MAke sure you get the mouisture guard pad with the smartstraind any spills go strait threw the carpet into the pad that causes stains but its a great carpet as long as you have the good pad

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