Transitioning from hardwood to tile

Discussion in 'Ceramic and Stone Q&A' started by RonH, Jul 15, 2020.

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    When I had my house built in 2006 I had tile put in my kitchen and in my half bath/laundry room off of the kitchen and hand scraped hardwood flooring everywhere else. I plan on updating the kitchen and getting rid of the tile. I like the look of the tile that looks like Hardwood especially with having a dog. How would I transition from the hardwood in the great room to the tile? Do you think it would look weird if I ran the tile in the other direction? Any suggestions?
  2. What’s the size of the hardwood plank? Pic? Get a box and lay it out to see. If your color perception is off, leave that to someone who is good with color. Will the termination be angled or square against the hardwood? Will there be a wood T mold separating the two?
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