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Discussion in 'Vinyl Flooring Q&A' started by jbpincus, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. jbpincus

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    Hi first time poster here. We installed this floor on Saturday in my home office. We read and followed the directions.....ripped up carpet that was originally in the office, prepped subfloor, cleaned and used Kilz, then bought and laid Luan just to be sure we have a proper smooth, flat surface. The vinyl plank pre-glued (sorry for lack of a better description) pieces for the most part are NOT sitting flat...they are "stuck" to the floor but most are coming can roll over it and it lays nice and flat, perfect...but then it "comes up again".....Called "customer care" explained the stiuation and they reccommend warming up the room (higher than the 62 degrees it is) and then using a heat gun or hairdryer and heat the plants and roll them again.... if you have an suggestions I'd love to hear them. It was a lot of time and work and i am so disappointed at the result at the moment...the floor looks great now if the planks would lay properly id be all set!!
    thanks in advance
  2. Jim McClain

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    The installation guide for Tranquility Kane County vinyl planks specifically state:
    That would indicate that your room, at 62°, is below the lowest acceptable temperature in that range. Most pro installers would rather install flooring at the upper range of the recommended temperatures.

    Click here to download the installation & maintenance instructions for Tranquility Peel & Stick flooring.

    Warm the room up for a day, then follow the instructions customer care gave you.

  3. jbpincus

    jbpincus New Member

    Jim, thanks so much for the advice...I'll turn the heat up in that zone and then will use the hairdryer and roller....hope it works! thanks!
  4. Incognito

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    All you can do at this point is what Jim says, crank the heat. EASY DOES IT with the hair dryer but it's not the worst idea out there.

    For future reference and the benefit of future readers to this post THIS example is one of the reasons we like to back trowel or paint clear thin spread adhesive down as a primer over pretty much ANY substrate but ESPECIALLY something relatively POROUS like cheap plywood.

    Exceptions to my rule/procedure would be IF the manufacturer has a primer they sell/recommend to go with their peel n stick adhesive & backing. Generally I've never seen the thin spread fail to stick like hell to a peel and stick backing but it's always a BETTER idea to use the proscribed products and methods found in the manufacturer's instructions. So where there is a primer offered or suggested USE IT.

    The problems I've had with peel and stick are they are generally WAY TOO STICKY to work with efficiently.......and that damn paper!!!!!!

    So Jim pointed out and I agree 100% your problem is certainly related to your failure to HEAT the room, tile and adhesive. Whatever you do keep everything DRY til it's settled and well bonded. I suggest you don't even consider washing the floor for 2-3 weeks. Sorry, but that's my best thoughts.

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