Tools4Flooring Helps TFP Celebrate 13 Years

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    Tools4Flooring is helping The Floor Pro Community celebrate 13 years of support to our industry peers and expert advice for the consumer and do-it-yourselfer by providing 3 sets of a group of gifts that include a tool pouch, knee pads and a head-warming beanie. See the descriptions below.

    Three different winners of our 13-13-13 giveaway will receive these prizes. That's 13 prizes over 13 days for our 13th anniversary. The Floor Pro Community is giving away 13 prize packages this May (2019) to celebrate our lucky 13. Winners will be selected from all participating members of TFP with the first drawing May 13 and continuing for 13 days in a row. Winners will be notified on the forum. So, get busy and share your experience and wisdom with each other, visit us often and continue our 13 year tradition of making TFP the best flooring forum in the ether.

    Here are the prizes Tools4Flooring will include in each of their 3 prize packages. Each package will be shipped directly from T4F.

    t4f-700t-tool-pouch-tn.jpg Tools4Flooring 700T 5-Pocket Tool Pouch with Tape Measure Clip

    This popular top grain saddle leather tool pouch has a large main pocket with side gussets, 2 die-formed, molded knife pouches and 2 tapered tool holders. A sturdy metal clip rivetted to the front will hold your favorite tape measure in place at the ready. The belt tunnel will accommodate a belt up to 2 3/4" and allows you to place the pouch at any location around your waist. The pouch is proudly made in the USA and its quality build is reinforced with nylon stitching and metal rivets for added strength. The T4F logo is branded on the front.

    t4f-309x-kneepad-tn.jpg Tools4Flooring 309X Double Felt Professional Leather Knee Pads

    These durable Tools4Flooring knee pads are made with a top grain saddle leather exterior and double lined with a water - and sweat - resistant, 1" thick felt. One-inch wide adjustable leather straps, with rust resistant, nickel plated buckles keep them securely in place. Their good looks and high quality are backed up with metal rivets and branded with the T4F logo. Proudly made in the USA. Protect your knees with these professional quality T4F #309X Knee pads.

    t4f-knit-beanie-tn.jpg T4F Soft Acrylic Knit Beanie

    This comfortable knit beanie is perfect for keeping your head warm during the winter months. Share the love of T4F flooring tools, installation supplies and accessories and keep your head warm at the same time. This head cover will wick away sweat and keep the hair out of your eyes while you work. They also give you that casual look and appeal during the off-hours you spend with family and friends. is an online store dedicated to providing you with an unbeatable selection of quality flooring tools, installation products and accessories. Since 2003, they have taken pride in helping customers worldwide find the right solutions for their next flooring project. Customers can shop with them in confidence knowing that T4F stands behind all of their products. The Floor Pro Community PRO members love to shop at Tools4Flooring and we thank them for being a part of this lucky 13 celebration.

    t4f-700t-tool-pouch.jpg t4f-309x-kneepad01.jpg t4f-309x-kneepad02.jpg t4f-309x-kneepad03.jpg t4f-knit-beanie.jpg

    PLEASE NOTE: Shipping of prizes is free, but it is the responsibility of any winner outside the United States to pay for any duties, tariffs or VAT for your country. Winners must provide shipping information to the vendor. The Floor Pro Community is not responsible for undeliverable prizes.

    Read about all the great prizes here: The Floor Pro Celebrates 13 Years | The Floor Pro Community
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