TISE - The International Surface Event 2019

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  1. Roland Thompson

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    Sure will.
  2. kylenelson

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    that’s cheap, when I lived in maui someone told me they’d buy them for $400 a pop. Of course things are different on an island
  3. You get it. 20 for the drum(plastic 55gak cut, then 20 in potting soil) plant 20$, worth over 100$

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  4. At the Excalibur, room is generic, everything else is acceptable.

    A day of exploring and planning.

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  5. kylenelson

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    Sunshine! Snow has been falling hard here the last 24 hrs, 6 fresh inches.
  6. Went to register, 260$ wasn’t sure I registered yet but no. So I’m going to World of Concrete on the other side of town till I decide whether I’m going or not. May just spend that money driving a 458 Ferrari.

    I don’t remember paying 6 years ago.

    I’m the buyer of their products why should I pay?
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  7. Met with Ken West at World of Concrete(free I might add) tons of stuff to look at, spoke with several helpful vendors.

    Could only load one pic, said file too large 4 other pictures.

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  8. Jim McClain

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    If you try to upload 5 images (arbitrary number) straight from the camera/phone, the combine file sizes are huge. Try uploading fewer at a time, or just one at a time, then before you submit the post, upload another, then another until they are all uploaded.

    PS: we need to see a picture of you and Ken (or whoever) there, or it just didn't happen. ;)
  9. I think 3 days is enough for these shows if you’ve been to them in the past. Staying in hotel no fun. No coffee, kitchen, fridge at least in the two we’ve stayed. Also Taxi was @ 40$ with tip from airport to Excalibur. Many have recommended Lyft and I just got to mobile app for return trip. The tram is good, we got 3 day pass for 29$ each.

    Some good military discounts I don’t think we used. We shortened our trip to avoid any cancellation issues affecting next weeks work and prep.

    This vacay display was at WOC

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  10. Weather here is causing major issues with our people getting out to the show. Our sales team left yesterday and sat here at the airport waiting for their plane to arrive out of Ohare. Plane finally showed up and another (Delta) plane that was arriving just as our guys were getting ready to board, slid and got stuck on the taxiway which then shut our airport down. They didn't get the Delta plane cleared until 8:30 pm to re-open the airport. By then Ohare was iced in and shut down. Since our folks still needed to get out there for appointments, they worked with the airline and they had to drive about 110 miles south to Indianapolis. They got down there about 1:00 am. They couldn't get a direct flight from Indy to Vegas because they were all booked, so they got a 7:00 am flight out of Indy (which meant they had to be at the airport at 5:00 am) to San Francisco and then back to Vegas. They should arrive out there about 2:00 pm local time (5:00 pm here).

    So, while I do miss not seeing you guys, I'm certainly glad I'm here and not caught up in that ridiculous mess.

    On top of that we had a snowstorm followed by extreme cold (-10) on Sunday and Monday. Yesterday we went from about 6 degrees in the morning to 44 degrees in the afternoon. We have about 5-6 inches of snow on the ground. We started getting a steady rain on top of the snow late yesterday afternoon but the ground is so cold the snow isn't really melting too fast. So now everything is covered in about 1-3 inches of half frozen slush. The main roads are fairly clear but wet. Anywhere the road is above ground level is freezing causing lots of traffic accidents. The extreme temperature swing caused about 15 major water main breaks throughout the city yesterday. Today, we're going to get steady rain until late evening transitioning to freezing rain and snow and the temps are supposed to drop down into the single digits overnight. That means all this stuff is going to refreeze. With the lower temps, we're supposed to get gusting winds up to 30 mph as well. Tomorrow we could be looking at a skating rink for about a 75 mile radius and power outages due to the ice hanging off trees and power lines.

    So, while I AM glad to be here, it's also not going to be fun here either. Welcome to Indiana weather!!!
  11. Jim McClain

    Jim McClain TFP Owner/Founder Administrator

    Sucks to be Indiana, hu. ;)
  12. We get everything and sometimes all at once. ;) Coldest I remember is -60 with windchill and hottest is 112. Spring and Fall it's nothing to see huge temperature swings in a single day. Start out in a T-shirt and shorts and need a coat by the end of the day.
  13. we were supposed to stop in Denver for 1-1/2 hours, no thanks.

    That’s why I don’t like flying in winter. I hear even the Detroit Auto show is changing their show for better weather.

    Told the wife it’s probsbly nice here in March.

    Walking amount is also insane.

    Spent two hours at exhibits at TISE another foolish name, how does “I’m going to TISE sound?”

    Saw Nate but didn’t say hi, Jim Walker was there at the CFI they, were having an install competition.

    And I saw some really nice carpet by Kane. Stuff that mimics marble/stone.

    Went to “Ka” last night, the cirque de solei show at MGM. Pretty cool, wife sold a condo in Daytona to a pilot that lived out here and recommended it.

    Ken texted said he just got here but I have to find some floor prep/grinding/removal equipment to WOC. (Other side of town)
  14. Yup, I'm jealous! Vegas is my happy place.
    Dont forget to stop at the Bellagio. They have a great buffet.

    Also if you hit old Vegas (freemont st) wallets in the front pocket & tell the missus to lock her purse up in your hotel. There are PROFESSIONAL thieves everywhere....and their good!

    Hope everyone has a fun, great & safe trip. I'm thinking about how I should be there in the sunshine & not in 3' of snow with temps between -30 to -5. #wintersucks!!!
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  15. Was going to check out Caesars for Buffett but maybe “next” time. Walked way too much. Temps here are probably perfect for you. 55-60 during day, windy though. The Venetian was nice as well. Wife’s been playing off her winnings of 450$ on the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory slot machine.
  16. Roland Thompson

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    Mike you did not text me. I seen Ken and Daris, when they came to the CFI booth. I was down in the competition area most of the time. Jim Walker is judging the carpet portion of it. Him and Jane was there all day, do not know how you missed them.
  17. I rushed through the whole exhibit Roland. Just went to a few booths. T4F, Bullet, innovatech machine, stopped at Taylor also, one guy explained the ride on then got a phone call and I was gone.

    I was there 2 hours, walking is crazy, sore as hell, same with WOC which I went back to today.

    Out of here at 5am, for a cramped 5hr plane ride. Couple hundred to change our flight. Wife just won another 400$ she’s hooked. We ain’t stayin!
  18. Got the Lyft mobile app and left Excalibur at the grand tower exit, took 30 seconds for the driver to pull up identifying car on app and driver. 11.07$ to airport, 10 dollar tip. Awesome first use experience. Good to be in our times of mobile conveniences.
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  19. Safe travels Mikey!!
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  20. This needs to be interactive by hands on or questions. I don’t know where any of this is or how to access. Not even room to move on Frontier A320 airbus

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