tiling on top of old asbestos tiles

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  1. Mrscravette

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    Hello, My basement flooded and after removing the carpet, I found asbestos tiles. I have carefully removed the loose ones (using full body suit, respirator, wetting the tiles, goggles etc) and now I have an uneven basement floor. Can I tile directly on top of the current surface? or do I need to have a self leveling underlayment to make the floor even and encapsulate the remaining asbestos tiles. I added a picture. Many thanks for your advice

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  2. Jodi b

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    Its advisable to have the avt removed, as well as the cutback adhesive which also contains asbestos, by a professional abatement crew, however if high moisture isnt present and tiles are truely bonded you can encapsulate but you run a high failure risk of exsisting tiles releasing from moisture in the patching compound. Hope this helps
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    I hope you mean ceramic tile because that's where I moved your topic.
  4. Jodi b

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    Not ceramic, the picture has 9x9 avt over concrete

    I would never recommend installing ceramic over any old flooring or adhesives. The materials to be installed wasnt made clear
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    Mrscravette asked if tile could be installed over the current surface, which is what is depicted in the photo. She originally posted this topic in the member introduction forum. I moved it to the tile & stone forum because I think that's what she wants to install. I asked my question to be sure. Although I agree with you that tile shouldn't be installed over that surface, by question was as the administrator, not a flooring professional. I just wanted to make sure the topic was in the correct forum.
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    You will find that those tiles are NOT well bonded. Therefore no new flooring would be secure if installed overtop. Put youre space suit back on and all the other procedures you used and use an ice scraper to pop the tiles loose. I doubt they will even break if you attack from the right angle. That's the easy part. Once the tiles are loose you need to clean up that adhesive and alkaline residue. You want to use a 4" razor scraper to remove the old adhesive trowel ridges down to a smooth, but stained slab. That can be sealed over with a primer or skim coated over with floor patch.

    Shovels and Spades : Ice Scraper And Chopper

    NO "self leveling" materials should be used and no chemical adhesive removers either.

    Be safe.
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