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Discussion in 'Ceramic and Stone Q&A' started by Tscoffey, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. Tscoffey

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    I have a small full bath that I am going to tile. One wall is length 87 inches, and has both the "end wall" of a tub shower, plus a window, and ends up next to the toilet. I am going to tile continuously across it (although not all the way up to the ceiling).
    With 12-inch tiles, I will have 15 inches to split on either end (one end in the tub/shower, the other end next to the toilet). This would seem the most logical way to handle the wall. However, the window is 33" from one wall, and 30" from another (the window being 24" wide). If I do a 7 1/2 wide tile on both end of the wall, the window will not be centered over a full tile.
    So which is more desirable visually? Making the end tiles the same width, or centering whole tiles under the window? (I note that the window would be the first thing one sees when entering the bathroom.
  2. Mike Antonetti

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    Who’s bathroom is it yours? It’s usually related to the walls, with windows irrelevant. I personally never liked the picture frame with bullnose pieces surrounding window, bullnose on inside return, but the cuts have to be precise allowing overlap and thinset to be applied to inside bullnose. It all has to be even, plumb and level.
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    Yes, mine.
  4. Mike Antonetti

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    So if you use it every day and look at it and wish you had centered the window it’s too late. To me tile takes on a homogenous effect meaning One looks at the entire wall versus where each tile hits an obstruction. I do often check the ends of walls pretty much everywhere I go to evaluate the setters quality.

    Great Day in the USA Today! I’d like to thank the perseverance of our country!

    And aesthetics, I’ve deleted many obtrusive tile jobs, here’s just the past week doing removals.

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  5. Don Monfils

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    I like to remove and replace baseboards on all hard surface jobs.
    But that 1” wide grout joint at the baseboards looks real sexy :eek:
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  6. Mark Brown

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    Mike, I want your job. Destroying those hack fests would give me much pleasure.

    In all seriousness the thing with aesthetic questions in tile is what do YOU like. There isn't really a wrong answer. Some people like centered everything, some people like patterns to wrap corners, some like balanced boarders... some people like strawberry ice cream but that is confusing.

    Draw it out, see it in your mind and ask you what you like best.
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