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Discussion in 'Ceramic and Stone Q&A' started by Ryan Hines, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. Ryan Hines

    Ryan Hines New Member

    I have a bathroom i'm remodeling right now it’s 8′ 6″ x 12′. The old subfloor was 1/2 plywood and 1/2" particle board so I replaced the subfloor with 3/4″ advantech T&G and then added a second layer of 3/8″ plywood over it. I am using a ditra uncoupling membrane and 36″ x 6″ porcelain tiles. Here’s my problem… I checked my floor (or thought I did) for level before laying the ditra. Tonight as I was cleaning up I noticed my level laying on the floor and being out of level so I went to check that side of the room and against one wall the floor is sloped to be 1/4″ low over about 16″ along the length of the 8' 6" wall. The rest of the floor is flat and level but up against this one wall (one of the 8′ 6″ walls) the floor slopes! Is there anyway to correct this now that the Ditra is already set?
  2. Mike Antonetti

    Mike Antonetti I Support TFP Senior Member

    You could use patch which dries quick. When I went through class they said you could skimcoat the surface flat with thinset, let dry, then trowel thinset down. Just be sure of what you're doing and not make it high.

    Most thinsets max height is 3/8", it loses strength if built up higher under tile unless specifically designed as medium bed mortar. Some would fill that in as they go, but much easier flattening first.
  3. Ryan Hines

    Ryan Hines New Member

    I would still have to remove the Ditra and chip up the mortar though correct?
  4. Mike Antonetti

    Mike Antonetti I Support TFP Senior Member

    Oh hell no, put right over top. You trying to punish yourself? So you missed it, still have opportunity to correct.

    Now if you were stubborn and installed the tile, then came looking for answers I'd say, live with it and while you're sitting there with nothing to do stare at your mistakes. Good job, you caught before too late. Though the end result may not be perfect, it will be a lot better had you missed it.
  5. Ryan Hines

    Ryan Hines New Member

    I thought about that but Schulter warns against installing any leveler over their membranes. Since this is a plank tile if it cracks I'm going to have to come back and replace tile that at that point will have to be toothed in. I'd hate to have to do that even worse lol.
  6. Ryan Hines

    Ryan Hines New Member

    Maybe this is a dumb question... The mortar I'm going to be using to install the tiles is Mapei Uncoupling Membrane Mortar. Since I'm using LFT tiles this is a medium bed mortar. My understanding is that medium bed mortars are made to be applied thicker than a thinset. Could I use the medium bed mortar over the ditra and build it up 1/4", let if cure then come back over it with my tile?
  7. icanlayit2

    icanlayit2 Pro Member

    You use the mortar to make it level, 1/4 inch is easily fixed. Lay your tile and on that side just spread the motar a little thicker. If in doubt, pull the tile back up and check for transfer and use the level to make sure it's perfect.
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  8. Mike Antonetti

    Mike Antonetti I Support TFP Senior Member

    Reason most if not all self levelers are not used over Schluter Ditra is because it shrinks when drying and will pull ditra up.

    Patches, do not contract like self levelers.
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  9. kwfloors

    kwfloors Fuzz on the brain Charter Member I Support TFP Senior Member

    Is it flat though?
  10. Lazarus

    Lazarus Pro Member

    Bear in mind....tiles don't care a rat's patotie about "level," all they care about is "flat."

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