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  1. jheissjr

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    Can I ask your thoughts on LVT for this picture? LVT is being considered for the foor in the picture which has moderate sun exposure. Shown is discoloration of sheet vinyl installed installed in 1990, so 27 years of sun. Why the discoloration occurred only on the left of the door is still a mystery.

    Since this is sheet vinyl, is today's LVT on a different level, more resistant to heat/UV? What are your thoughts on using LVT on this floor based on your experience?

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  2. Mike Antonetti

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    I'm not sure about cause, or if new product would hold up, but if flooring is parallel with door verse perpendicular replacement pieces would be easier parallel.
  3. Jim McClain

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  4. Roland Thompson

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    If you do not block the sun LVT might not burn like that but it will swell when hot and shrink when it cools down.
  5. Both the UV and the heat will cause problems with vinyl. Right now your old vinyl is showing both forms of "problems". It has discolored and is peeling/cracking.

    The new LVT will have problems with both excess UV and excess heat...but they will show up differently than what you have here. The excess heat will cause LVT to buckle, cup, curl, how ever you want to call it. And it will cause it to discolour. The newer vinyls have a tendency to FADE in UV.

    So there are actually two problems here: UV exposure and HEAT exposure. If you upgrade the windows to include UV blocking, you will solve BOTH problems. These problems with UV/heat and vinyl will continue until you either change to UV blocking windows or change the material on the floor. Porcelain doesn't care what you do to it. It will just sit there looking pretty.
  6. kylenelson

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    I wish I took pics, but it's insane what the sun can do to warp lvp in sunlight. Don't put it there, go for a wood look tile instead
  7. jheissjr

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    It seems another person encountered UV/heat deterioration too. It's almost as if the vinyl does not have any type of UV protective coating.


    Discoloration on vinyl

    I'm considering other options with the very helpful advice, looking at hardwood or a door with Low E in particular.
  8. @jheissjr ... that looks to be HEAT VENT related rather that UV. The brown is centered to the heat register rather than to the windows. I'm not seeing too much discolouration from the windows...which indicates that it is heat related. Excellent example of heat damage (tongue firmly in cheek).
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