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    Flooring installers are important!
    From the desk of J. Walker

    floor-to-ceiling-crew.jpg The Floor to Ceiling Interior Design Showroom located in Mason City, Iowa, hosted a week-long, intensive CFI installation training course sponsored by the World Floor Covering Association (WFCA } for flooring installers.

    Shown in the photo are the owner, Linda Forthman; installers, Gerad Kuhlman, Austin VanZante, Howard Shaw, Brett Krahn and Bob Gillespie, lead CFI instructor. Not pictured are Doug Woods and Michael Forthman. The experienced group, under the direction of Gillespie worked diligently to become updated in the techniques and knowledge of installing carpet, resilient, laminate and wood flooring.

    Bob Gillespie said, “The Floor to Ceiling Showroom is a member of a nationally recognized chain of over 200 locally owned stores that offer personal service. It has been family-owned and operated since 2002. This is an outstanding example of a dealer who is concerned about the customer and willing to take the time, money and preparation involved to make certain they receive the finest installation available. Mrs. Forthman stated that she wanted to be certain that the installers were aware of the latest techniques and tools. They were impressed with the glue-gun techniques used for seaming, the Koolglide and the Powernail nailers; as well as other tools to which they had not been exposed, but will be using in the future.”

    Daughter, Jennifer Gunderson was instrumental in planning and organizing the event and son, Michael Forthman was involved in the training and also available to assist with everything, including the construction of the modules.

    Gillespie was impressed with the knowledge of the group and their commitment to being the finest installation professionals in their area. He said, “Mrs. Forthman places high emphasis on training, quality installation and the highest level of customer satisfaction. The installers also gave up workdays to invest in their futures and receive CFI Certification. They value the industry recognition of being CFI Certified. “

    Gillespie continued, “The installers were very well-trained and customer-service oriented. Their scores
    for hand-skills and written tests were among some of the highest ever recorded in CFI. They were
    appreciative of the fact that they could receive not only the CFI Certification and Armstrong
    Certifications, but could also, having successfully completed the requirements of CFI Certification, apply
    for the industry leading NALFA and NWFA Certifications, saving time and travel.”

    At the conclusion of the week, all received their CFI Certifications.

    “With the benefit of the WFCA educational scholarships for members, there is really no reason that the retail community cannot add value to their installation services. Linda and her group are to be highly commended and should be recognized throughout the industry for their dedication to training. I can’t imagine what the entire installation field would be like nationwide if every dealer were this committed,” concluded Gillespie.
  2. Exactly, it's a no brainer. I commend them, how much stronger they will be. You can shut down other shops in your area with this method if they don't get onboard. The whole team from top to bottom could be on same page. Nice dedication.
  3. kwfloors

    kwfloors Fuzz on the brain Charter Member Senior Member

    Yes, we the installers go to training, learn new installations all the time to stay in the game. What do the store owners and salesmen get trained on?
  4. Incognito

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    With HANDS ON the tools, materials, patch, glue, sundries in any formal training, self training or mutual trainings we compare new installation technology with our experience of all the existing systems we've handled. So the best the owners and sales staff without related HANDS ON comparative experience could hope for is to keep up with the information------ "book learning"

    They should at the very least be expert and up to date on the NUMBERS--------substrate standards, temperature range/ambient conditions, traffic limitations, compatibility, spread rates, open time, working time, application methods..............

    It's a lot to know either way.
  5. Another issue is their business strategy, not sure what all they do but Flooring alone there are millions of things to learn, not sure how they assign the work load, seems like a lot of management/scheduling challenges.
  6. Bud Cline

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    Yow r-r-right! Good luck with all of that stuff!
  7. Jeff Short

    Jeff Short Veteran Flooring Retailer

    Seminars, webinars, workshops, conventions, talking to installers, reps, tech services, etc... I can't speak for all sales people, but rest assured some of us do our homework.
  8. I'm really glad to see this happening. I hope we see a lot more of it. We, as an industry, are going to be in a huge amount of trouble very quickly. There aren't enough young people coming into the installation trade who want to learn and stay. Anything we can do to encourage good professional training helps us all!

    CFI is a great organization and my hats off to them and the aggressive plans they have to help solve this serious problem. I owe my 20 years in this industry to the knowledgeable professionals including many on this site who helped me along the way to improve and learn. It's good to see that there is effort being made towards growing the industry.

    It's also great to see a retailer who really gets it. The heart and soul of our industry is the installation professional! You can have the greatest product in the world, but if you can't get it installed correctly it doesn't matter.

    Too many people in our industry have a tendency to point fingers too quickly in their direction when things go wrong instead of trying to understand that they deal with complex dynamic installation issues successfully every day. We all make mistakes. It's how we resolve the problems that makes us better. This is where we usually do our best learning.

    Thanks for the great story Jim! :yesss:
  9. Jim McClain

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    Sorry, I didn't write the story. It's a press release from the desk of Jane Walker.


  10. Yes, I caught that. I just meant for sharing it with us.;)

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