Thinset for tack strip?

Discussion in 'Carpet Sales and Installations' started by Barry Carlton, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. Daris Mulkin

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    If I have concrete I automatically drill it using 3/4 fluted steel pins. If it is near an edge I use 7/8 aluminum pins. For metal it is 5/8 aluminum pins set in with a piece of steel bar so as not to ding the metal with an elephant toenail track in it. 5 nails to a strip has worked for me.
    If it is going to be more than a one day job I will also run a bead of subfloor adhesive under it. Also saves from drilling the small pieces.


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  2. Mike Sliwinski

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    Mark, those are two perfect reasons aluminum
    drives would have saved the day.

    Any old or young ;) green helper, with coordination, plus minor supervision could drill and nail this way, while you're trimming / sealing seams and other mechanic duties.

    It took me years and a nasty amount of stress perfecting concrete tackless installation. I bet most of us would agree, it sucked getting to that point. Also, purchasing and dragging around heavy nails in coffee cans..........1/2'' 5/8'' 7/16'' 3/4'' and 1'' gets old quickly.

    Once you master the short learning curve with the aluminum adapter and bits,
    you'll never want to re-enforce tackless any other way.

    Now for that second reason:

    Power stretch all you want with no pop noise. Sure, it can happen, but it's far and few compared to steel nails, Pam, construction adh, or epoxy. The time and money spent
    securing tackless with a drill / nail method out weighs the time and frustration
    spent pulling areas installed to re-fasten.

    That's why your boss acted CRAZY !!......... like old younger Mike Sli. use too.

    Touch it Once with aluminum drives and it's down for multiple carpet installs.
    That is until ?............. cats just piss on it :eek:

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  3. kwfloors

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    And if you put glue on the back you don't need as many nails if you are on the job for multiple days. I usually strip and pad the first day and bring the carpet out the next day.
  4. Mike Antonetti

    Mike Antonetti I Support TFP Senior Member

    Here's tackstrip/metal clampdown damage and a restored Terrazzo, thought I'd show repair is possible $$

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  5. Mike Antonetti

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    That's not me, just a company down in Sarasota that brings back covered up Terrazzo. I've done a bunch of repairs of Terrazzo but the equipment today I think is much better. This company says they want to remove tackstrip, in wondering their method, maybe drilling alongside hardened nail creating space to lift nail out due to it no longer binding into the Portland.

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  6. Florida Floor guy

    Florida Floor guy Pro Member

    I'm not sure where any of you are from but here in Florida panhandle 95% subfloors are concrete. The best tool I have is one of those stand up nail driving bars. It takes practice to adjust how hard you hit it depending on how hard the concrete is bit if you hold it straight up you can drive the nail straight in with one blow. With it i can nail new concrete as fast as I can wood with a hammer. The 12g longer nails work for me in new concrete but 10g short nails work better for old hard stuff. If I don't get it to stick with that I will drill holes and put wood pegs in and secure with wood nails. Sometimes I will drill with 3/16 and just drive two nails in the hole at the same time. I do not waste time waiting on adhesive if I can finish that day. I use my hammer drill set to hammer only with wide bit to take up tack strip. I think the vibration reduces concrete damage vs prying them straight out and popping a crater.
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  7. Incognito

    Incognito No more Mr. Nice Guy! I Support TFP Senior Member

    See, I knew that for a REAL carpet guy the problematic substrates for nailing tack strip are low hurdles. For those less experienced and less well equipped----The Great Wall of China.

    I turned down the last stretch carpet job I was offered for this exact reason. I'm just not THAT guy that it sure sounds like you are Mr. Florida Floor Guy.
  8. Florida Floor guy

    Florida Floor guy Pro Member

    Thanks. But I don't blame you for not wanting to be that guy. I'm ready to have a guy for that lol.

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