The Dilemma of Appropriate Flooring Choices

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    An article by Stephanie McCarthy.

    [excerpt=Stephanie]As flooring professionals, especially point-of-sale professionals, it is up to us to help guide clients towards the most appropriate floor available for their needs. For many sales people this can be a double-edged sword. The boss wants X, Y, and Z sold ASAP. The client’s needs indicate they should purchase A or B, but is sold Z instead. Now the complaints and installation nightmares begin. No one wins when a client is sold the wrong product.[/excerpt]

    Read the whole article here: Dilemma of Flooring Choices | The Floor Pro Community

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  2. Every store needs a Stephanie. She understands the engineering of products which is priority. Kind of difficult to see the homeowners lifestyle, sales mostly has to ask a lot of questions, some people get annoyed with this.

    We ripped up the showroom today, ceramic, bamboo,hardwood,lvt. Been down 5 years for new trends.
  3. Steve Olson

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    Boy, don't I know that. I gave sales a go a few years back. I talked people out of more floors then I sold trying to be that salesperson. When I did make sales to people who really wanted and appreciated my help, the next issue was which installer did we have that had the best chance of not screwing it up.
    Fortunately for me, I'm working for a fellow that made the jump from installer to store owner. He and I worked together on many jobs, and he wants and appreciates my installation skillset, people skills, and attention to details.
    If only this had happened 20 years ago

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