TEC Incolor Premix Grout

Discussion in 'Ceramic and Stone Q&A' started by Jvanmeter32, Oct 2, 2020.

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    Does anyone have any experience with TEC Incolor Advanced Performance grout? I cannot find any reviews on this product. It appears to be similar to Fusion Pro and Mapei Flexcolor CQ; I can find tons of reviews on those products. Mapei appears to get the best reviews but my client insistent on a specific color from TEC Incolor. Is this a good grout? We are buying from a reputable flooring company. Thoughts? Thank you.
  2. I think all 3 are good companies, you may notice slight differences in application but they’ve all become more user friendly since first coming on the market. TEC bought a chemical company, I say use it, notice it’s nuances and then it’s under your belt.
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